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Why is the Internet Good and Bad?

Why is the Internet Good and Bad?

The Internet is a platform of interconnected links and protocols where people project their feelings, desires, thoughts, emotions, fears, and much more. Some see it as a source of education and enlightenment, while others see it as an outlet for their uncontrollable sexual and gambling urges. While some consider it a platform for global collaboration, others view it as a tool for scamming. Hence, the more one questions its integrity: the more divided the opinions would be, leading to a dubious conclusion. Therefore, the matter should be analyzed objectively, and the judgment should be left to the readers.

Starting from the pros, we have numerous examples where our lives revolve around the Internet. To name a few, here’s what I have in store:


The most notable and unanimously approved advantage of the Internet is, probably, it being an excellent source of education. People from all professions acknowledge the rich involvement of the Internet in educating them and imparting knowledge in their respective fields. There are countless paid and free sources online that can be accessed with a single click, a single touch.


Internet marketing is at present the most widely used and inexpensive way to reach the target audience and grow one’s business regardless of its size. Nowadays, almost anything from any corner of the world can be delivered directly to your address, making the concept of the world as a global village an absolute reality.


When it comes to entertainment, the Internet is considered one of our go-to sources. With a wide range of variety from watching videos, movies, and Netflix to playing games, reading articles, listening to music, and scrolling, sharing, and connecting with our friends and family on social media, Internet has it all.

Now moving on to the cons, no one can deny the extent of negative influences the Internet can have on an individual. Even though the pros dominate the cons numerically, the aftermath of the latter precedes the former. Of all the disadvantages, some of the most common are as follows:


This is, probably, the greatest danger the Internet poses to our youth. The content creators take advantage of the vulnerable minds of the young generation for their gains.

Unethical hacking and spamming is another major drawback of the Internet which puts the privacy of all the users at risk giving rise to trust issues and insecurities.


Uncontrolled use of the Internet can be fatal to our health. Our eyes continuously perceive information which the mind processes, the overuse of which causes mental stress. Also, spending too much time on the Internet reduces physical activities leading to health issues and obesity!

To sum up, while the Internet can be benefitted in numerous ways there are considerable threats it poses to one’s personal and professional life. The only way to capitalize on this precious source is to benefit from the positives it has to offer and stay away from the negatives.

By Raza Kazmi.


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