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The Daily Grind (Part III)

The Daily Grind (Part III)

By Vaneeza Afrasiab
Photo Credits: Talha Rehman
Graphics: Alizah Gul Memon


Balancing Academics and Social Life

There’s a reason they call it a ‘grind’, and it certainly isn’t an understatement. Sure, there’s the laborious task of getting out of bed, going to university, taking classes, and then going home. In between, there will be so many “side quests” you’ll have to do to get through the day.  

For starters, there’s always a birthday happening every day. Always a surprise party. Maybe at first, it seems like a surprise, but I think after the 15th classmate or so, you should realize that it’s coming on. Admit it or not, you are expecting your friends to take you to a random place, out of nowhere, just to celebrate. 

Then on the daily, you just feel like a clown juggling random objects, while people keep throwing more at you. There comes a point where you accidentally drop everything (what a weird metaphor for our lives). Every day, you have to deal with quizzes, classes, assignments, OHTs, mids, finals, projects… you name it! They just keep on coming and never stop. You’ll have a quiz at 1 with a certain society meeting at the same. You’ll have classes when your friends from other departments want to meet. Do you think Tuesdays and Thursdays are the perfect days to meet your friends? Think again! They’re probably only free on Mondays and Wednesdays. Oops!

Even the societies you’re a part of taking 1/3rd of your time. It often feels like they’re always planning some kind of event. You probably don’t even know who’s part of the society, and all you do is work. Then again, it’s a good experience, so it doesn’t really matter.

Despite all the times life kicks us in the gut, we don’t really let that get to us. In the end, it may be hectic, but the good parts keep us happy throughout. Even if they are as insignificant as getting an ice-cream with your friends from C1, while collectively complaining about how you didn’t study.


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