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Duniya ke Rung NUST ke Sung- Episode 8 Khadeja Anum

Duniya ke Rung NUST ke Sung- Episode 8 Khadeja Anum

Continuing with its highly successful Talk Show, ‘Duniya kay Rung, NUST kay Sung’, NMC returned with Episode 8, this time featuring yet another graduate of NUST. Khadeja Anum was the guest for this episode; a NUST alumnus who graduated from S3H in 2016 with a Bachelors Degree in Public Administration. A phenomenal content creator with a massive online following, Khadeja has found great success in following her passion, and this episode helped shed some light on her journey, as well as any challenges or hardships she may have faced along the way. Hosted by the charismatic Hadia Rahat Khan this episode, also called ‘Set the Record Straight’ proved to be as entertaining as all the episodes that preceded it, while proving to be just as enjoyable.

The episode, held on 5th June 2021, started of with the host introducing the guest as well as all of here achievements before moving on. After thanking NMC for the opportunity to reconnect with her alma mater, Khadeja moved on to express her excitement for the interview ahead as well as recounting her journey following graduation to where she is today. From one job to another, even ending up working for the Sindh Assembly for a while, Khadeja finally found her true calling on social media.

Following this, the host asked a number of questions, some of her own design, while many had been asked by the audience via Instagram. After talking about the struggles she faced initially in getting started and the hardships she had to go through to get her work out there, Khadeja talked about how the driving force behind her reaching her current stage was the fact that the work she was doing was a source of happiness for her, and was something she truly enjoyed doing, rather than viewing it as a chore. All of this, coupled with her skillset helped keep her motivated even through all the hardships.

This lead to a transition towards all of the online hate that she received initially. Khadeja shared some of her earlier experiences with people online talking negatively of her as well as the sad reality of people always trying to bring others down. However, through her consistency she managed to grow large enough to nurture a community which was engaging and kind enough to support her throughout her journey.

Following this, Khadeja also delved deeper into another one of her passions: travelling, something that she had been doing since she was little. Her recent trip to Bali was talked about in detail, and she shared how exhilarating she found travelling to different places.

The topic then shifted to the dark cloud looming over everyone’s head: the Covid-19 pandemic. Being shut in home and having to create content relatable for people during such a difficult situation posed a unique challenge for Khadeja, one that she managed to deal with wonderfully and came out the other side still doing what she loved.

This led to the next segment of the episode: ‘Life at NUST’, where Khadeja delved deeper into the time she had spent at her alma mater. From her favourite memories, to her experience with various societies and events, Khadeja talked about the wonderful experience she had had at NUST, all the things she learned here, and how it helped shape her life for the better

This led to the last couple of segments, starting with a rapid of fire of sorts where the guest was required to provide one word answers to the questions the host asked. This was followed by the last topic of discussion, which was the unfortunate Palestinian issue that was prevalent at the time. After giving her thoughts on the matter, Khadeja parted with some words of advice for her audience, urging everyone watching to ‘go for it as there is no time like the present’.

After thanking Khadeja for her time, the host ended the episode, adding yet another successful episode to NMC’s talk show.


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