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By Sanaa Sohail
Photo Credits: Kamil Munir
Graphics: Alizah Gul Memon


To the graduating batch:

I say goodbye to:

To last minute assignments,

Unprepared quizzes,

Plagiarism detections,

Projects and their deadly deadlines,

75% attendance maintenance,

Unplanned presentations,

Group study sessions,

Last minute preparation for finals,

To the Final-Weekend Project (FYP),

I bid farewell to:

C1 shakes

Random runs to C1,

Choosing between 309 or Wall

To the struggle to find a chair at Margalla,

Music sessions at The Wall,

Seldom visits to the other C(4)orner,

Mini dead Monal C3,


I say goodbye to:

To the prettiest spacious library,

Hostel sneak-ins,

To societies and their registrations,

To events and concerts,

Fun adventurous trips.

I bid farewell to:

Friends that turned into family,

Class fellows and the faculty

To knowing different people,

From places a far,

Who will always be really close to my heart.

I say goodbye to:

The pond area,

U – lounge,

The courtyard,



I bid farewell to:

To the beautiful NUST,

The prettiest place on rainy days,

Green and peaceful,

A city of its own,

A wholesome world.

I will miss:

The friends,

The seniors,

The juniors,

The van-mates,

The roommates,

The random crushes,

The acquaintances,

To strangers I knew.


I will cherish my journey of transformation, friendship, love, exploration.

All these things made university bearable, memorable and beautiful. This journey of 4 years will end with extreme nostalgia and a whole lot of memories.

I will miss the batch of 2015, the Grad-Week and some people I found in the final semester. I have left a piece of heart behind. There is so much love and sadness combined.

Here’s to moving on, here’s to always being associated with NUST, and here’s to always being grateful to be a NUSTian.

Here’s to the hardest goodbye

My home for four years.


Sanaa Sohail,

Vice President Media – ON’18,

Press Secretary NUST Entrepreneurs Club,

BS Accounting and Finance,

Class of 2019


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