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Author: Hilal Khan - Director Publications

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Hilal Khan - Director Publications

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Duniya ke Rung NUST ke Sung- Episode 10

“The perfect ending to any project is to finish strong” On 25th of September 2021, NMC aired the finale of its talk show series “Duniya ke Rung, NUST ke Sung”. In this final episode, NMC bid farewell to the former office bearers of NMC tenure 20-21. The session was hosted by Adil Ali Tariq, and as guests former NMC president Arsam Noor from S3H batch 17, former vice president Seniyah Khan from S3H batch 18, former press secretary and current president NMC Marium Ejaz from S3H batch 18, former editor-inchief Areej Saqib from SADA batch 17, former general secretary...

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