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Author: Iqra Ali Mirza

About The Author

Iqra Ali Mirza

Hi everyone! Iqra Ali Mirza from S3H here. My major is psychology and no, I can not look at you and tell what is going on in your mind. I'm a pro procrastinator who enjoys binge-watching seasons and movies amidst workload. My favorite TV show is ' The Good Place'. My motto throughout this semester has been : 'if it isn't the due date, it isn't the do date.' Recently I have realized what a risky game I have been playing. Moreover, I'm a foodie but also a fitness enthusiast. Thus, maintaining a healthy lifestyle is a dilemma in my life since I love food. I like socializing and going to the gym. Other than that, I am not an avid reader. Most people find this pretty strange. I think it's some-what normal (or at least I hope). That's pretty much it about me.

Only Child

I’m an only child and introvert, Whimsical and deftly hurt, It’s like duck-soup for me to dissipate, I separate and isolate, I helm towards the inurbane, They appear to be the only ones sane, Although they are fugacious and indignant, Withal erratically forthright malignant, As a scion, I was used as a scapegoat, But I was pellucid enough to take note, If you cite me crafty, you flatter me, You can allude to me as nasty it wouldn’t matter to...

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The Subtle Not so Subtle Messages behind Advertisements

Whenever I browse through Instagram, Facebook, or even tune in to headlines on the television, I come across myriads of advertisements. Just last night, I switched on my TV to listen to the news bulletin and three prime time advertisements (out of many) caught my attention ultimately.  The ad which captivated me the most was the new ‘Glow and Lovely’ commercial which features an actress, adorned in an ethereal dress with an unbelievably gleaming, and pristine skin explaining how this recently developed cream includes multi-vitamins that penetrates deep inside the skin and remove any blemishes.  Consequently, the skin appears...

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