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5 Things you take with you from NUST, even if your degree isn’t one of them

5 Things you take with you from NUST, even if your degree isn’t one of them

1. The art of being an Olympian table tennis player

Different schools at NUST are getting their demands high not because of the quality of their education, or the building infrastructure, or the type of “environment”, but on the fact that “Yaar us school ki table tennis ki table bohat aala hai, chal udhar chalein.

You come as a noob, who doesn’t even know how to hold a racket in the first semester, but by the time you are in your final year, you have that expression on your face that says “Mein tou paida hi Olympics k table tennis k match k beech me hoa tha”, thanks to all those periods between classes when the time was too short to go back to your hostel and too long to just sit it out, so you chose to play table tennis instead.

2.  Pro Call of duty/Counter Strike player:

One thing that the hostelites do more regularly than attending their classes is the COD/CS session every night. From making the hotspot to calling all friends to making space for 5 people on your bed. All this requires more team work than the workers at a construction site. By the end of your journey at NUST, you are more than capable of winning a few COD tournaments.

3. Badminton

When it’s 11pm, hostels are closed and nothing else to do, then the only gift your hostel gives you is the gift of a badminton court (even though you still have to beg each room for rackets). Even if you don’t know as much as how to hold a racket, this boredom will surely make you an expert in a year or two. For the “non-sporty” people, they can finally answer people when asked if they play any sport, with “Han… Me badminton khelta hun.”

4. The ability to run 2 to 3 miles and not feel a sweat

As big as the campus of NUST is, the first 2 days at the campus bring everyone to their deathbed and make them reconsider their decision to opt for NUST. But give it a semester or two, and the distance from Gate 10 to C-1 is like that distance from your bed to the washroom (thanks to societies where your director texts you to reach NICE from S3H in 5 minutes). This gift from NUST can really come in handy. It gives you a lot of opportunities even if you don’t get your degree, like running in the New York Marathon or a bank robbery or literally anything that requires running.

5. That A-1 Rishta Material-ness

This is for boys more than it is for girls. During your four years at NUST, you get to learn all that A-1 rishta skills desi moms require. From Making Chae in an electric kettle to making maggi in a thermos flask (it may sound impossible but I do this every day). From spreading that A-1 bed sheet to keeping that cupboard more aligned and organized than any desi wife could. You may not become a good engineer or an economist, but there’s no doubt that you’ll become a great dad mom.


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