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Rules for Flatmates During the Pandemic

Rules for Flatmates During the Pandemic

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Apart from anyone living in a mansion or a grandly spacious apartment who can spend their time enjoying luxuries safely, people usually live in shared accommodation in high traffic and hustle cities. Thus, they spend most of their time and have to share limited space with their flatmate.

The flatmates can be family members or unknown individuals that have a mutual understanding with you, but the fact is that coronavirus does not care how your terms with the other person are. There is a need to be prepared for every outcome that you or your housemate can get ill. Even if he is not sick, he may still be carrying germs that can make you or immunocompromised people sick. So an appropriate way of living has become necessary.

Having a roommate has its perks, but since renters and roommates share everything, their interaction can disastrously be the cause of spreading germs in the light of the pandemic.

Some people still resist accepting the fact that even COVID-19 is threatening, but we cannot neglect that this disease has already taken many lives throughout the world. Any further negligence could lead to the loss of many precious lives.

The main question remains, how are we going to survive this catastrophe? The answer is simple: drawing boundaries, taking precautionary measures, and making a few changes in our lifestyle.

1. A set of flatmate rules

In these times, there must be minimum unnecessary excursions outside.  Our houses have become the locus of all our activities includes our office, school, playground, gym, and many other places that we used to go out to and enjoy.

Those who understand the gravity of the situation and their actions need to have a proper discussion with those who are still being reckless. Certain parameters need to be set and boundaries to be drawn to prevent infecting each other.

However, apart from coronavirus-related rules, other ground rules need to be set as well. Being with each other day and night can make flatmates irritable. Thus, patience and compromise need to be balanced. Give your roommate privacy and space when they need it, and make sure they know when you need privacy and space as well.

2. Physical distancing

Social distancing (better worded as physical distancing) has become more necessary than ever. Research has shown that the coronavirus can spread through touching infected surfaces and passed into your body through respiratory tracks. Thus, there is a need to maintain a safe distance of at least 2m from your flatmates, and you should advise them to follow the same safety protocols when interacting with other people. This can be difficult in the start, but we can easily get accustomed to it if we prioritize life and health as more necessary over being physically close to someone.

3. Sanitization and Disinfection

Punctually use hand sanitizers and ask your flatmate to make sure that it is a legit sanitizer that is medically proven and tested. Make sure that you or your flatmate disinfect the shared surfaces twice a day. You can even divide the work by doing it in the morning and asking them to do that before sleeping.

4. Usage of Face Mask and Quarantine

Fix the rule that a face mask is a must except for your room. You and your flatmate must realize the fact that your lives are more important than leisure and comfort. The government protocols also prohibit going outside other than serious matters. Make yourself and your flatmate abide by the rules.

5. Open Communication

Have open communication with your flatmates, and make things clear about what you can do to keep both of you from getting infected. Make plans on how to cope up with the virus. Decide when to go for groceries and plan your daily routines. Get it straight with your flatmate that you cannot have people over your place. If your mindsets don’t match, then have some things sorted. Make days when you can have people, and make sure that they get proper cleaning before entering your house. Talk about what gets on your nerves and make arrangements that minimize this.

6. Lastly but most importantly, be kind.

Don’t hold each other accountable for every single mistake and let each other off the hook when one messes up. Listen to your flatmate’s concerns and be each other’s moral support. Everyone is struggling. Everyone wants the pandemic to end. Drawing boundaries does not give anyone the right to be unkind. In fact, the void created by physical distance should be filled by emotional bonding. The psychological impact of the pandemic can affect some people more than others so amidst trying to save your and others lives, don’t forget to save the quality of life and relationships you have. Find balance and be kind to others and yourself.


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