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Author: Adil Ali Tariq Publications

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Adil Ali Tariq Publications

Every moment, a new beginning; every dream, a new memory; every aspiration, a new inspiration!

The Aging of Smiles – Part 1

The same old, paint-less cart that I had bought 20 years ago from a warehouse is right in front of me, with eatables of various kinds packed in multicolored wrappings, and with writings of different types, which I know for sure would have been intriguing and interesting if I were able to read them.  In 20 years, nothing has changed except my stable hands shaking, my black hair going grey, and my face all wrinkled and tanned from the sunlight of the past score years. I have been selling the same snacks at the same spot to the rows...

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Are we qualified to be called Humans

Greetings and a message to all world,   What is peace? Is it a symbol, a sign, a mark, a feeling, a state, a mentality, a characteristic, a feature, a teaching, a thing, a creature; or something yet we do not understand? Or is it beyond the dimensions of comprehension at this stage, perhaps the fourth dimension? Or is it the second name for “love”? If I visit Wikipedia, it states peace as: “A lack of conflict and freedom from the fear of violence between heterogeneous social groups.” In simpler words, peace is a state where there is no violence, chaos,...

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Not Just the Day of Resolutions

Each year, each day, something happens that is special to someone, but there are few years, which hold significance for an entire nation. Among such rare days, one not forgotten but the relatively less recognized day is Pakistan Day. It is the day of the sacred vow to realize a million dreams, to relive the life desired by millions of enslaved souls in a so-called “free land”.  It is the day when the leaders of the past, and heroes of present Pakistan avowed a resolution to fulfill the ultimate destiny of the Muslims of the Subcontinent. In those dark...

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