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Author: Muhammad Araheem Abaid

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Muhammad Araheem Abaid

"A freshman from SCME, and one of my favourite things to do is take a cup of tea to the roof and contemplate the meaning of life. This might just go on to explain why 42 is my favourite number. Football is also the bane of my existence, even though my skills are embarrassing at best. And during my free time (as non-existent as it is nowadays), I enjoy watching movies and TV shows, as well as playing video games on my 5 year old laptop which likes to shuts off at inconvenient moments. And as is true for any Lahori, I cannot survive without food (which is probably true for everyone the world over, but oh well), and on any given weekend you can probably find me at one of the countless restaurants cluttering my city. I am also a self-proclaimed musical prodigy, even though my voice can cause permanent ear damage, and I am more liable to break an instrument than produce any meaningful sound from it. I am also an avid book reader (as is apparent from the 0 books I have read in 2020), and absolutely love collecting books that then gather dust in my store room. Comic books are another interest of mine, and I am a DC fan through and through. You have probably guessed by now, but I am a mixed bag of varied interests and passions, as well as large dreams and aspirations. "

Duniya ke Rung NUST ke Sung- Episode 8 Khadeja Anum

Continuing with its highly successful Talk Show, ‘Duniya kay Rung, NUST kay Sung’, NMC returned with Episode 8, this time featuring yet another graduate of NUST. Khadeja Anum was the guest for this episode; a NUST alumnus who graduated from S3H in 2016 with a Bachelors Degree in Public Administration. A phenomenal content creator with a massive online following, Khadeja has found great success in following her passion, and this episode helped shed some light on her journey, as well as any challenges or hardships she may have faced along the way. Hosted by the charismatic Hadia Rahat Khan...

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Hardships – part 4

The struggles of one’s school days are well-documented, and it is a sad reality that bullying is a part of the school experience. It makes it extremely difficult for most people to enjoy their school years. Some loathe it with every fiber of their being; they would much rather not have to experience the torments that their school’s hallways have in store for them. That was his case for a short while. He had a desire to leave, and never look back because he was picked on by the other students. They made fun of his accent, his distinct...

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The Art of Belonging

Many people rejoice upon the ending of their high school life and the beginning of their university life. For many, the last couple of years of education before they jump to university level are often years they would happily forget. This is something true for both FSc and A-Level students since the exponentially more complex workload, coupled with the added stress of university applications, entry or standardized tests, building your CV, and so much, takes a heavy toll on students. It is understandable, then, why such a significant number of people are happy to leave that life behind and...

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Awaaz Episode 2: Mehdi Maloof

Continuing its tradition of bestowing us with immensely fun and engaging talk shows, NUST Media Club returned on the 31st of January 2020 with the second episode of Awaaz, featuring the stunning and prodigal Mehdi Maloof. This interactive session with the renowned singer promised to be an exciting affair, and it more than delivered, enthralling viewers for over half an hour as the extremely charismatic singer answered riveting questions, recounted some of his most memorable experiences from over the years, and parted words of advice for the audience. With the ever-growing interest that our youth has for music, Mehdi...

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