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Olympiad Day 1

Olympiad Day 1

National University of Science and Technology has established itself as not only the country’s top-ranked education institution for higher studies, but also as a robust powerhouse for polishing its students’ characters, skills, and their portfolios. It is a hub of finding and pursuing passions and talents, and NUST Olympiad is one of the many hallmark events that provides an ambitiously grand scaled platform for students to claim their place in the spotlight. Thus, in this year of 2019, NUST Olympiad’s Fourth Edition was held on the dates of 7th to 10th of March at the H12 campus Islamabad.

This is how the DAY 1 unfolded.

It was a sunny day, and everyone was excited about the event launch. The day started with participants arriving from different schools and colleges, with full enthusiasm and eagerness to win the matches and claim their prizes. The Olympiad’s dedicated and preserving host team welcomed the participants with full zeal and zest, determined to make sure to provide them with a memorable event. The registrations continued alongside the matches as they continued.

On the first day, badminton and basketball matches for girls and boys tournaments were held at 9 a.m. and continued till 6 in the evening. There was a lot of heat and emotions during these contests. Participants were anxious, zealous, happy and focused all at once. Some won, some lost, but it’s a surety that they had a good time anyway.

The matches were followed by the opening ceremony of the NUST Olympiad 2019. The rector, pro-rector, and the directors were all invited and were asked to grant their blessings and well wishes before the commencement of the event through moving speeches. With their motivational words, the promise of a marvelous period of days coming up ahead, the opening ceremony ended on a jovial note as the stage was lighted up by the performances by three melodic young singers. The young men, one of them playing a guitar, sang beautiful desi songs in their harmonic voices. The crowd joined in soon enough and the hall echoed with the whole audience singing along. Next up on stage was a hippie beatboxer, who stirred up the crowd with his vocal tricks. He started off producing simpler beats, then taking the pace up and mixing them together to build the hype intangibly them up and even asked the audience to join with him. And they did. The performance was thus the perfect starter for what lied ahead.

The highlight of the day was the wonderful theme dinner with its eccentric theme, ‘Nuit Blanche’ or as in English one would call it the White Night. The décor looked beautiful and complemented well to the gorgeously looking, dapperly dressed people. The night thus finally settled in on Olympiad Day One, by the expression of wonder and excitement for what was to come in the next days of the NUST Olympiad. However, one thing was certain, that already it was no less than an open secret, NUST Olympiad 2019 was all bound to win over hearts and headed for the stars.


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