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Anwar Masood Comes to NUST

Anwar Masood Comes to NUST

On the 18th of October the widely acclaimed comic poet, Anwar Masood, addressed a crowd of students and faculty members in NUST.

The highly anticipated event was brought to the masses by NUST Media Club and hosted in the NIT Seminar Hall. Anwar Masood is an expert in Punjabi, Urdu and Persian poetry, and is widely known for his humorous exaggerations. Literature fans started turning up in large numbers by 12:30 pm and the hall was jam-packed ten minutes prior to the preset beginning time.

The event cordially began at 1PM when Anwar Masood arrived and was greeted with loud cheering from the vehement crowd. The main focus of the event was to provide a platform to young aspiring poets in NUST to showcase their talent in front of the guru of poetry. The students, who chose to bring forth their poetry, lit up the stage with their fiery verses. Anwar Masood seemed charmed and applauded the participants.

Pehchan-e-Anwar Ba Zuban-e-Anwar was the title of the event, and it did not disappoint.

As soon as Anwar Masood took the mic, the crowd was spellbound. He started off by sharing his brief life history and talked about the way he managed to achieve everything that he has. It is said that, one of the many things that distinguishes Anwar from all other poets is his humility and that was clearly on show.

“Poetry is the art of speaking beautifully”, said the acclaimed poet.

Anwar Masood further talked about his discontent with the current generation; he called the emission of Persian from our curriculum ‘a great tragedy’.

Later, Mr. Masood began reciting his humorous poetry which was welcomed by a loud applause. His poems “Halkiyan Phulkiyan Baduawan” and “Banyan” are known as some of his best works and they did not fail to amuse the audience. They were all enchanted by his comical word play and were left awe-struck by his talent. It seemed as if the Legend of Urdu Prose always had a laugh up his sleeve, and this led to even the sternest faces in the audiences cracking up and chuckling alongside everyone.

Taking things ahead, Anwar Masood enlightened the crowd with his views on time and poetry. He advised striving poets to go the extra mile with their work as he believed that success always comes at a high cost. He emphasized on the need to maintain their diligence towards their passion if they wish to triumph.

“A poet always distinguishes himself in a crowd of people (on the basis of his talent),” declared the esteemed guest.

The joyous event concluded soon after and Anwar Masood was presented with a shield as a symbol of NUST’s gratitude.

As the Audience made their way towards the exits, it was clear that everyone was still star-struck and could not keep themselves from grinning.

Ammar Shafqat, a student at NUST Institute of Civil Engineering said, “I literally missed a quiz for this conference but I honestly have no regrets. I’d like to congratulate NMC for organizing such an exceptional event. Kudos to the organizing committee!”

PaperCrush was lucky enough to get a statement from Anwar Masood. The honorable guest said with a smile, “Well, this is not my first time in NUST and the love that I receive here is unparalleled. It is always a pleasure to recite poetry and inspire young minds.”

At the end of the day, NMC managed to hold true to what was expected of it and satisfied literature lovers. The event will surely go down as a success, and is bound to be one that will keep generating buzz in the days to come.


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