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Author: Talha Bilal

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Talha Bilal

Hi! My name is Talha Bilal As a student and a writer at the same time I have realized that everything can be expressed using words and thats what I do. Trying to excel at almost everything is what i aim for. Determined with my metallic resolve I am the guy you will find working fun with. I love challenges and dealing eith them. A jolly, fun-loving individual ready to work.

Rules for Flatmates During the Pandemic

Photo Credit: katemangostar – Apart from anyone living in a mansion or a grandly spacious apartment who can spend their time enjoying luxuries safely, people usually live in shared accommodation in high traffic and hustle cities. Thus, they spend most of their time and have to share limited space with their flatmate. The flatmates can be family members or unknown individuals that have a mutual understanding with you, but the fact is that coronavirus does not care how your terms with the other person are. There is a need to be prepared for every outcome that you or...

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