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Duniya ke Rung NUST ke Sung- Episode 10

Duniya ke Rung NUST ke Sung- Episode 10

“The perfect ending to any project is to finish strong”

On 25th of September 2021, NMC aired the finale of its talk show series “Duniya ke Rung, NUST ke Sung”. In this final episode, NMC bid farewell to the former office bearers of NMC tenure 20-21. The session was hosted by Adil Ali Tariq, and as guests former NMC president Arsam Noor from S3H batch 17, former vice president Seniyah Khan from S3H batch 18, former press secretary and current president NMC Marium Ejaz from S3H batch 18, former editor-inchief Areej Saqib from SADA batch 17, former general secretary Ahmed Mansha from IESE batch 18 were interviewed.

The session was started by asking former office bearers to explain NMC in one word, and they all summoned up their entire journey in one word. When former president was asked about his previous boss, he told he learnt much from previous boss, and he explained how he became president from being a director. Then Seniyah reminisced a funny thing that had happened to her recently. Ahmed Mansha recalled the craziest thing he did as an OB. Areej Saqib explained why she would go to past if given the opportunity to use time machine. Marium revealed SEECS to be the best school according to her. 

Moving the session forward, Arsam and Ahmed explained why the Kashmir trip was an unforgettable memory in NMC. Seniyah picked the moment that she wants to relive. Marium summarizes her journey from being an executive to becoming president of NMC. Areej shared her unforgettable incident. 

All the former OBs then briefed about which superpowers they wish to have. Upon asking each of the guests, they figured themselves out which adjective best describes them. According to themselves Marium is Dramaybaz, Ahmed is clueless, Areej the paradox, Arsam is serious and Seniyah is fun. 

The guests ranked each other in ascending order as most dramatic, most fun to work with, good vibes and problem solver. The host then injected in the fun game of true false asking the guests some funny statements to be declared as true or false. 

Adil narrated some dialogues before the guests and asked them which dialogue suits which former OB the most. They then picked one word for the previous OBs.

In the ending part of this session, the former OBs gave their advice to the coming freshies, and they highlighted the importance of socializing in university life. They explained how joining clubs and societies help in interacting all types of people from all schools of NUST. 

And just like that, the last episode of Duniya ke Rung, NUST ke Sung ended.


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