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Category: Reviews

The Kirk Grim

“The Grim. The giant, spectral dog that haunts churchyards! My dear boy, it is an omen- the worst omen – of death.” -Sybill Trelawney discussing the Grim with Harry Potter. Popular in Scandinavian and English folklore, the...

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Movie Review: Parasite

Is there any difference between aspiration and pretense? This question is what the Korean tale ‘Parasite’ dwells upon; the idea that transforming the life of one beneath society by making them suddenly clown over the rich can...

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The Ko Ko Korina Fiasco

Originally sung by Ahmed Rushdi and performed by the Chocolate Hero-Waheed Murad, Ko Ko Korina is all time favorite of every person from all generations across Pakistan. But Coke Studio in their attempt to re-create the song...

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