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Where do you belong: C1 or C2?

Where do you belong: C1 or C2?

1) Do you like to keep yourself very groomed on campus?

  • Yes (10 points) 
  • No (1 point)  

2) On the days you actually have money in your pocket, do you love some New Yorker, or some tikka?

  • Tikka (1 point)
  • New Yorker (10 points)

3) While planning an event, do you have to go far to get your minute sheet approved?

  • The place is literally two steps away (1 point)
  • You have no idea! (10 points)

4) Today’s a beautiful day!

  • You sit out on the canopy with friends and chaye ( 1 point) 
  • Hunt for some other spot nearby (10 points)

5) You can simply reach out and grab onto some NUST merch (if you just weren’t this broke)

Credits: Tahreem Assad Khan
  • If it doesn’t have the NUST logo on it, I don’t want it! (10 points)
  • We have NUST merch too?! (1 point)

6) You don’t walk a lot to take all your van problems here, but that doesn’t mean you get a solution

  • Visiting the transport office is super easy (10 points)
  • Most of my fees are overdue because of the walk (1 point)

7) Ding! It’s 1 PM. Everyone’s lunch break. 

  • The place is packed like sardines in a can! (1 point)
  • You’ve got a lot of breathing space. No worries. (10 points)

More than 40 points: Belongs in C2. 

Less than 40 points: Belongs in C1. 

Written By: Haniya Javed and Mahnoor Abdullah


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