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Author: Ramisha Aqeel

About The Author

Ramisha Aqeel

Currently pursuing my Bachelor's in Economics from Nust. Fictional works such as Harry Potter and Percy Jackson will always be home to me. As time passed, my interests grew and I became an admirer of the works of Khaled Hosseni and Elif Shafak. A rainy day, paired with a warm cup of tea and a good book will always be my idea of a perfect afternoon. In hindsight, my interest in writing must always be credited to my fondness for reading. From short stories, to poetry, to novellas, my love for writing is limitless, and it has been an ever rising passion since the past two years. I wish for my words to be the comfort of your hearts; which also inspires and motivates you to do more, to achieve more, and to aspire for more. I can only hope to reciprocate the effect that my favourite authors have on me, and to let my words be your escape.


How does it feel to have the sun touch your face? To let the color seep into your soul and grip your heart in eternal glory. To have it run its fingers through your hair and bring out the amber hues in them. To let it dance across your eyes in specks of ferocious gold. The same sun that ignites the anger of the desert dwellers, and that steals the gentle coolness of the rivers. Tell me how does it feel? To be loved by the yellow softness that shapes the most stubborn of droughts and yet touches the...

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Interaction Session with Osama Tahir: Life Advices and Hearty Conversation

Just as we were being thrown over the edge of yet another wave of COVID terror, NMC brought to us a fun-filled episode of lighthearted chit-chat, proving once again that it always has our online entertainment needs covered. The episode aired on the last day of February, featuring actor, producer, and model Osama Tahir. It was led by the jovial host Ayesha Shahzad, who left no stone unturned in providing our viewers with a peek into Osama’s life. The show began with Osama diving straight into his journey of 2021 so far, reflecting on the fact that this year...

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Familiar with the unfamiliar

“What do you think the river feels when it finally unites with the sea?” she asked, tracing a cloud with her finger. My eyes followed the movement, trying to discern the shape- a turtle, perhaps? Or maybe it was just a mindless pattern. “Do you think Pluto ever reaches for the sun?” I countered, turning my eyes back to the horizon. “When will I ever get a straight answer from you?” she let out a low laugh, her eyes squinting as the sun emerged from the clouds again. I stared at the blank page before me, the memory slipping...

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Duniya ke Rung, NUST ke sung- the candid hour

The fog of boredom lurked around us, and the mounting gloom of deadlines hovered just ahead of the stroke of midnight. The academics were on the verge of giving up, the movies were becoming redundant, and life held no spark of entertainment. That is when NUST Media club bestowed us with their exhilarating talk-show, Duniya ke Rung, NUST ke Sung.  The take-off episode, featuring two of NUST’s favorite personalities, Zain Saddique and Mohemin Mehmood, reignited the flames of nostalgia. To some, it paved the way to closure, while for others, it was reminiscent of the homely conversations they had...

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