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The litter problem of NUST

If you are ever strolling around campus, you will take a look at wrappers, plastic bottles, disposable plates and cups randomly scattered on the ground. Taking a closer look, you may go ahead to acknowledge that the trash cans are half empty and the trash is just tossed by someone as near to the trash bin as possible but they didn’t bother to place it inside the dustbin. You might question your sight when you realize that the place you passed by just an hour ago had a few wrappers lying around and when you come across the same place after a lesson or two, you realize that those abandoned wrappers have gone from a few to a decent amount. To your dismay, it wasn’t your weak eyesight but a tragic recent reality of  NUST. A downhearted scene to see on campus. What further adds to one’s dismay is that all of the trash strewn and wandering on ground is a consequence of what has now become a common practice for students. The same students who are educated and are in the process of attaining the best degrees from the most prestigious institute of the country. It curtails to the point that education is more than just books and it is rather beyond a classroom. 

Either it is the ‘I don’t care attitude’ or unintentional tossing of trash wherever one desires, the consequences are detrimental. From a small scale perspective, it ruins the grace, character and composure of the campus. The first thought that strikes the mind of an outsider when viewing the table litter or ground litter is that there is an absence of the concept of individual responsibility amongst the student body. The fingers are pointed at us, the students. Perhaps students consider disposing trash as a burden on their shoulders and are in a hurry to rid themselves of this burden as soon as possible. From a larger perspective, it causes a multiplier effect when one wrapper is abandoned on ground and another joins it soon therefore forming a heap. This shows how one mistake can create a larger impact, and this one mistake is unfortunately contributing to a global problem such as climate change. Each one of us, at this university level is aware of the severity of throwing trash around, however, we tend to nurture our convenience.

The problem of littering at NUST has severely affected the beauty of cafes and footpaths. The entrance of C1 café is often untidy. This creates a nuisance when one sits down to enjoy food only to find a fly resting on the tip of one’s straw. Table littering is most common in the cafes, where the dustbins are installed, but the problem remains. It often seems that people tend to forget that they are responsible to properly dispose of their leftovers. Signs or reminders can be put up around the cafes in NUST. Short reminders such as “Do not trash around”. The grassy areas around SEECS, have a stand narrating “Tiny grass is dreaming” such notices can be executed to counter littering as well. This may rattle the  social responsibility amongst students and may help to cater to this problem.

Moreover, it is essentially important for the administration to increase control by introducing low fines for the individuals who malpractice. This imposition will significantly improve the problem of littering especially in cafes where the control staff can work effectively as the premises under check will be limited. It is not safe to say that the dustbins are always half empty, it is often seen that the dustbins are loaded, therefore installation of more dustbins around the campus is a need. The students have to embrace their social responsibility for themselves and for their institution while the administrations must play in its domain and together the littering problem at NUST can be reversed.

Lastly, it is important to appreciate those who do perform their social responsibility. All hail to the Kings and Queens who choose to put wrappers in their bags rather than throwing them on the ground for it is the bare minimum nut just as novel an idea on campus. All hail to the Kings and Queens who sneak these wrappers in their friends’ bags without letting him/her have any hint of it rather than throwing them on the ground. It is for everyone, who bothers to walk up to the trashcan when they are done eating. You all are lovely people. Keep it up!


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