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Little Note: Fate

Little Note: Fate

She woke up soaked in blood.

She had miscarried. Again, for the fourth time, 14 weeks in. Her husband rushed her to the hospital. Tears wouldn’t stop. The pain only worsened every time. They knew why this was happening, but she wouldn’t give up.

Was becoming a mother, bearing a child of a man she loved too big a wish to make? She had led a unique life, but this was the one ordinary experience she yearned for. A child. Her own child.

The recurring failed pregnancies left her weak, physically and emotionally. Every time, they’d get further than the last time, only to be left with hopes and wishes that never came true. She dreamt, waiting for her reality. She was told, consoled that 70 percent of human conceptions fail to achieve viability. They told her she was part of the bigger pool. But every trip to the hospital left her feeling more isolated.

They knew it was a genetic disorder. The fetus could not survive the anomaly. But they waited and hoped, hoped for their miracle…


About The Author

Mahnoor Abdullah

Pragmatic with a knack for emotive overthinking. Hoping to make a career in science. Could spend endless days with coffee and books in a Hole.