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Author: Ahmad Hasan


We are all fascinated by endless spectacles of stars lighting up the sky at night, but these are just snapshots of the distant past. We consider our planet Earth gigantic, but it is just a tiny planet among many others that make up our solar system. Such solar systems combine to form galaxies, which then combine to form the universe as we know it. All this makes our home, a tiny blip in the fathomless entirety of the universe. Looking up toward the sky, we often find ourselves wondering how vast the universe really is. The answer to that very question is so mind-boggling that our mere human brains cannot manage to comprehend the expanse of space. To put it in simple words, we don’t know how vast the universe truly is, and neither can we begin to estimate it (for reasons mentioned ahead). However, we do know one thing for sure, that the universe is as elegant as we can possibly imagine. The grace and the expanse of the universe can be split into its two components that have shaped the universe since its origin, and are the key to understanding of how it works – one being space, and the other time. The entire universe in fact exists due to a correlation between these components. Humans have come a long way in understanding the universe; from considering...

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The ball stops on the football field one final time, but the fast wind continues carrying it forward. The boys decide to call a halt to their football match amidst the oncoming gale. Most of them head back to their hostels to enjoy the cold weather from indoors. One of them has a long way to go before reaching home. He had never ever stayed in the university so late at night. He seems anxious and distressed about heading back home in this harsh weather, but he’s eager to be in the comfort of his house. Nonetheless, he grabs a cab to head back home. Luckily for him, the driver is nearby. He rushes to get inside the car as the sky is brightened with a burst of lightning, and thunder rumbles across the surroundings. Surprisingly, the back door is locked. The driver offers him the front seat. At first, he hesitates, but then the thunderstorm forces him to get inside. The driver seems to be a young man in his early thirties. He greets him, and they begin heading for his home. Something seems unusual about the car, but he ignores it having found a haven from the storm brewing outside. The driver engages him in a conversation asking him the purpose of going out on a night like this when most people would prefer to stay indoors....

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Umeed e Sahar

After the daily grind of classes till 5, Jinnah Auditorium was the place to be on the evening of 23rd October. There was hustle and bustle in and out of the venue as the event slowly commenced with some music. This was an unparalleled collaboration; the only event of its kind to date. NUST Community Service Club (NCSC) and NUST Dramatics Club (NDC) joined hands to lift various taboos in our society, particularly those faced by women in everyday life; thereby raising the youth from the darkness of ignorance into the light of wisdom. The faculty sponsors’ opening address illustrated that everyone had gathered for a noble cause, with a big message and theme attached to it. This event was sponsored by Pink Ribbon Hospital, which not only aims at reducing the occurrence of breast cancer as much as possible, but also eradicating the taboos attached to it. The address was followed by one of the many musical performances of the night. A trio sang their hearts out to songs like “Nanhi Chiriya”, going hand-in-hand with the theme. The next segment hosted the famous dentist, Humna Raza, who is breaking stereotypes in our society through her own YouTube channel. The interactive session featured Humna alongside her husband, Muzamil Hasan, who is also a renowned digital content creator. Humna talked about her own fear of breast cancer, and how she...

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Orientation of NUST – A Cherished Beginning!

ORIENTATION of NUST – A CHERISHED BEGINNING!  By Ahmad Hasan Were you nervous about giving the NET?  And then, were you anxiously waiting to be selected in the merit list? Of course you were! But nothing compares to the nervousness you feel when actually joining the largest university in Pakistan. Luckily for us, team Orientation left no stone unturned in ensuring that the freshmen were welcomed in a manner that removed all their hesitation, leaving them with memories to cherish forever. Our Orientation Guides reached out to us a week before the orientation. They not only made us feel...

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