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Freshie’s Experience of NUST

NUST, a dream of many but achieved only by a few is a place which becomes home. A reminiscence which they hold onto for years. I am a sophomore, but I have started to realize that this place is more than just a university. I often think of graduating and knowing that one day I’ll have to leave as well. This makes me ponder what makes these mere buildings, footpaths, grounds, and cafeterias so special. It takes me down the memory lane and reminds me of when I first entered NUST. Riveted. 

An 18-year old is indeed riveted to see an institution that is so widespread that it feels prestigious to be standing on that ground. You try your best to keep a calm and composed demeanor, because of course the first impression is the last impression, however an entire jukebox of emotions is jingling and rattling inside your head. The day has already started and you are surrounded by so many unknown faces but you are only successful in making awkward, friendly yet distant eye contact with a few. These are your first day friends and often lifelong friends. 

The batch of 2021 was welcomed with an overwhelming orientation that gave the newcomers an experience of the environment that NUST has to offer. To dive deeper into the experiences newcomers have had so far, interviews were done. 

And just like that, my conversation began with a freshie, on a mildly cold day, in NBS ground. The interviewee was from IESE. The interview started by asking to describe the first day at NUST. She said: “On my first day at NUST, I was welcomed warmly by the seniors who had decorated the class with flamboyant chart papers on the walls. I was asked for my introduction exactly 9 times on the first day by different teachers and seniors. I had a great conversation with the girls in my class. We got close quite early. During break time, the seniors came to our class and we had an ice breaking session. Anyhow me and two of my classmates went on to discover the department and later on went to C1. Though overwhelming it was a good day nonetheless”. On the question of what are your goals you wish to achieve here at NUST, she answered: “Definitely a lot more grooming, character building and confidence. I expect to see myself as a confident, proud engineer by the time I graduate and a person who wants to do something for my country.

Another freshie from ASAB said: “First day was a blend of excitement, anxiety and fear I would say. There were so many unknown faces in class. But the orientation had made me pretty familiar with the environment already so it went well ”. For the social life experience at NUST, she mentions: “Social life is fun at times. It depends on how outgoing you are but you do get to interact with a lot of like minded people. But I am just in my first semester, so I haven’t really experienced much of it but I hope it has a lot to offer.”

A freshie from SCME was asked to describe his social life in NUST, he said: “It is hard to absorb it all because you make plenty of friends easily and it is difficult to keep a count of all of them.” For the goals he wants to achieve in NUST he mentioned: “I want to enjoy these four years to the fullest so that afterwards I can rejoice in my past.”

When he was asked to tell how are studies treating him and how he is able to strike a balance between extra-curricular activities and study routine, he said: “Finding a balance is hard. I still haven’t been able to find it. I have been enjoying it to the fullest while suffering in studies. I’ll try to cope but it will take time obviously.”

Moreover, freshies were asked to define NUST in one word, one of them said: “prestigious.” Another said: “a world within.” and some of them said: “Expansive”

While interviewing, I could see the excitement and happiness in all of these students’ eyes and body language. They were really feeling their surroundings and acknowledging that they did make it big. To me, NUST is a dream and few of us here are fortunate enough to be living it and who are destined to go above and beyond.


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