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Author: Mahnoor Abdullah

About The Author

Mahnoor Abdullah

Pragmatic with a knack for emotive overthinking. Hoping to make a career in science. Could spend endless days with coffee and books in a Hole.


The 7th episode of “Dunya k rang, NUST k sang”, hosted by Adil Ali Tariq, featured Miss Mahum Erkin, a NUSTian from SADA, the batch of 2019, who is the CEO & founder of the Yardim Foundation, an NGO striving to bring about positive change in society. Mahum told the audience about the origins of her NGO. The word “Yardim” itself is Turkish and means “help”. Yardim was started by Mahum alongside her sister, who is a dentist, with the motivation behind starting it was providing help to the underprivileged and those in need. Their pioneer projects include providing...

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Despite the gruesome halt that COVID-19 has put on the world’s progress, every cloud has a silver lining, and we should know that the challenges we put up with today, only make us stronger. With this essence, NMC was back again with another episode of it’s exciting talk show ‘Duniya kay rung, NUST kay sung’. This session was held on the 19th of May and hosted by our very own Ayesha Shahzad, who enlightened and enkindled us with the accomplishments and achievements of our guest Ms. Faiqa Zafar, a very talented, charismatic, and visionary student of NUST. Faiqa is...

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365 days, counting and still locked down

The world around us might seem to be returning to normal or whatever version of normal we now have, but things on campus are just as they were this past fall semester. The hostelite and day scholar segregation continued. We returned on campus for the end-semester exams and just after the weekend, commenced the new semester. It feels like we are in a time warp, leaving the campus as sophomores and coming back as juniors and now back to DL classes yet again, experiencing loss, isolation, canceled plans, frustration even gratitude for whatever we have to hold on to....

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An Interview with Maheen Shahid Conducted by Mahnoor Abdullah for PaperCrush Mahnoor:So Maheen, why don’t you tell our readers who exactly Maheen Shahid from SAAHA is?  Maheen: Hey everyone! I am Maheen, Maheen Shahid Khan. I have been bullied a LOT on taking my name twice, but I am so used to it now that it just comes out of my mouth naturally. I am currently a sophomore at NUST Business School doing accounting and finance. I am also running this small non-profit organization by the name of SAAHA, serving as a Spark Ambassador for Unilever, and I’m currently a member...

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Little Note: Fate

She woke up soaked in blood. She had miscarried. Again, for the fourth time, 14 weeks in. Her husband rushed her to the hospital. Tears wouldn’t stop. The pain only worsened every time. They knew why this was happening, but she wouldn’t give up. Was becoming a mother, bearing a child of a man she loved too big a wish to make? She had led a unique life, but this was the one ordinary experience she yearned for. A child. Her own child. The recurring failed pregnancies left her weak, physically and emotionally. Every time, they’d get further than...

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