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Duniya ke Rung NUST ke Sung- Episode 9 Hamza Mustafa

Duniya ke Rung NUST ke Sung- Episode 9 Hamza Mustafa

Amidst our post-COVID hectic routine, NMC is always there to back you up with its fun and entertaining events and activities planned. Another great episode of the entertaining and enjoyable talk show, ‘Duniya ka Rang, NUST ke Sung’ was conducted, following the same regime of having a fun interaction with a great personality and a questioning session with the audience to make the best of your day.

The session took place on 11th June 2021 by none other than our energetic and positive being, Jawad Anwar who kept the whole episode quite pumped up with his positivity and heightened spirits. The guest for this episode was a highly respected personality who has been a source of inspiration for every Nustian Hamza Mustafa, a NUST alumnus from SEECS. He did his master’s from the University of Minnesota in 2019. Through his diligence and hard work, he is now working at the biggest technological conglomerate Microsoft.

The talks started with the basic introduction of Hamza and how it was an honor for NMC to have him for the talk show. The audience was given a brief intro to MR. Hamza and his studies and his working profession of being a full-time employee at Microsoft. The talks started with Hamza and his experience with the pandemic. He explains how much it was difficult for him to work from home as his work all needed access to hardware with the tough point that it was his first month at Microsoft.

Hamza explains how his projects and social life has been affected due to Microsoft. Upon asking Hamza explains how the vaccine has been working really effectively in Washington state and how he has been able to move from his home to his office now making it really easy for him to work. The first segment of the event started with Jawad asking Hamza personal questions about his routine and his life while working at his dream job. Hamza tells how it has been really exciting for him as his whole journey started with a simple internship and later, he was appointed to a full-time job. He tells how he was given offers from Apple and Google, but Microsoft was his dream place. Questions about internships were asked and Hamza explained his feelings on the first day on how much he was motivated and amazed upon seeing the facilities and the main campus of Microsoft on his Day 1 as an intern.

Hamza explains the difference between the environment is being offered at Microsoft and other companies. He explains how the technology revolution had changed the working environment at these Tech Tycoons and how many facilities are being offered in companies that we are not aware of. He says that the Microsoft center is so big that almost a whole city could be built around it and how there is a slide-like structure for employees to take when exiting the office. He also tells us how working from home and working in the office is quite different in such companies and how he is facilitated with each and every kind of equipment at his home. 

Hamza tells how much he was interested in his technology and wanted to deal with it as much as he can and therefore, he wanted to become part of Microsoft and join such a big Tycoon for they were really advanced in the technology. He tells how much he had to face because of not having a security clearance while working at Microsoft and how he was helped by his Managers during the whole thing.

Hamza says that he has published 3 research papers and wanted to do more if he was not selected at Microsoft but later on, he had a real great joy of being selected. He also tells the Dos and DONTs while applying for any company. Hamza also tells that everyone should be confident and never feel lower or demotivated because of someone having a higher rank than themselves.

The second segment, the Tough Twister round was then started to entertain everyone. The first tough twister was She sells seashells by the seashore. The start was great, and it was quite fun to see hamza getting stuck and enjoying this. the more twisters that were asked were really fun. These included Can you can a canner as a canner can a can? How much work would a woodchuck chug do if a woodchuck could chug could?

In the third segment, Hamza was asked about his life at Nust. Hamza explained that his 4 years at Nust are the most memorable ones, and he can never trade them. He says that he has been with friends and enjoyed it a lot. He also said that he would definitely want to. He also said that there was such a fun incident that took him to a DC Committee. He also explains his one event in NLC and how it was a fun thing for him. He also told an embarrassing moment at NUST where he had his friend’s Laptop and mailed the whole SEECS about a lost article. He also told that personally knew people who are quite outstanding in their field despite having a low GPA. He also told that he visited Nust after his convocation and has been quite memorable for him.

The talk show ended with Hamza advising the audience especially Nustian to learn people skills as much as they can say they contribute at least 80 percent in the event. He told everyone to groom themselves as much as they can as this really matters and can help you a lot in developing themselves as much as they can.


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