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Still Air

Still Air

Subjective can be time and place, open to one’s state of mind
In the gush of tranquility, I felt in the cafe, on me did this dawn

Relative is every ripple in the stream of time, dependent on perspective,
Breathing in the comforting aroma of the coffee, of my surroundings, I was appreciative,

Complexity overruns the world, yet its functioning is independent of each individual soul,
Running my hand over the smooth surface of the book, I closed it as I read the last sentence of the whole,

Selfishness and greed is rampant in the world despite bread being God’s promise,
As I took in the last words of the book, standing up to exit the building’s premise

Schedules are tight; the race for the top is never-ending and everlasting,
Walking out on the road, there was an eerie stillness in the air, heart-wrenching,

Relations strained, families dysfunctional; in such a world, the desire for connection is ever-growing
The stillness was too scary, the silence ear bleeding and the lack of a single soul an indication of death impending,

Friendships are materialistic friends are foes; the desperate need to be understood and appreciated is constant
As the overwhelming stillness overtook me, a grown oblivious to the sudden screeching in the background, distant,

Humans are troubled; hearts cold; in such a world, being on your toes is the need of the hour, always watching your back,
As I flew into the air, the result of the car striking me in the side, a sudden realization dawned; as I heard the crack,

Loneliness is in abundance, bonds weaker than ever; being alone feels less lonely than sitting in a group; that’s where the world has come,
The thought overtook my emotions as I didn’t have time to write a goodbye letter, thankful I suddenly became, as another thought came,

Heavy with stress is every heart, burdened with guilt; everyone is alone at the end of the day, some people more so than others,
The tension dissipated as I breathed my last; I had no one to write to; in such a case, it’s a blessing to be left with no time to do so

Written by: Basil Faisal Qureshi


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