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Yearbook :The NUST Experience

Yearbook :The NUST Experience

By Alizah Gul Memon
Photo Credits: Muhammad Usama


From waking up early to reach class on time, to being absolutely drained when it’s time to head back, this section highlights the little things that happen in between. Be it deciding which café to try out, trying to find a seat in the Concordias during the break, desperately attempting to get a lift to class, or frantic last-minute preparations before a quiz; these little things are what make up most of our memories as we step out our departments’ doors one last time before finally heading into the real world when we graduate.

Even though a lot us are not quite done with our degrees just yet, being away from the campus for a while does make us miss it. Some miss the adrenaline rush; others miss friends who make every moment worthwhile. We’re almost all guilty of missing the place we usually end up despising towards the end of the semester, because no matter how hard things get, there’s truly something special about the NUST experience.

We’ve divided this section – dedicating separate portions to some of the major highlights on campus, including: the daily grind, Concordias and cafes, Central Library, and of course, the never-ending debate between day-scholars and hostelites.


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