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Yearbook : The Library Cafe

Yearbook : The Library Cafe

By Vaneeza Afrasiab
Photo Credits: Marium Ejaz


Last semester, we had a new addition to the multitude of cafes already present in NUST. (Well, not like more areas to eat could do any harm.) The library itself was quite the attraction, but the small cafe opened next to it also proved to pique many people’s intrigue.

At first when it opened, many were reluctant to go inside. Not because it was shabbily built, but because it looked so fancy, students thought it would be best not to approach. With its polished counter tops, and fancy display of food, it looked as if everything was going to be over-priced. Expensive food is definitely one the many things broke university students try to avoid. Who would want to leave a massive dent in their wallet for a random cafe in the university?

But after actually experiencing it, turns out it isn’t that expensive; the prices are similar to every other eating area inside NUST. The quality of the food is also top-notch, so it’s surely worth the visit. The comfy chairs indoors offer a nice setting to unwind, while the arrangement outside offers a nice view of the library, making the café a perfect area to sit back and relax. Just the clean and well-maintained environment can make any person feel good after a hectic day of God-Knows-how-much-work. It is, indeed, a good escape from reality.

The area is small though, so there’s a huge chance that you won’t be able to find a seat. Weird, because there are many more places to eat. It’s certainly advised to not go there during the 1-2pm break, because you can’t even find a spot in C1 in that time slot.

In the end, it’s absolutely worth it to go spend some time there. While being at NUST, exploring is one thing everyone must do. There’s so much to see and experience, so put your free time to good use!


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