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Who are we? Nature’s metaphors for life

Who are we? Nature’s metaphors for life

From the point in time and space at which our existence unfolded, we, humans, have been fixing our gazes up at the sky, the moon, the stars, and all of the celestial and heavenly bodies that make us feel insignificant yet meaningful at the same time. What is it in the cosmos and the universe around us which fascinates humans to seek answers to their intriguing questions?

In the delicacy of starlight, in the compactness of the dark matter, in the rings of Saturn, and the beauty of the meteor showers, we discover the divine intellect. The ultimate secrets of nature motivate us to reflect. The depth in the knowledge of nature strengthens our belief in Allah, the superior power. In my opinion, science and faith are not at war but in harmony as faith itself drives us to ponder upon science to understand the creation of ALLAH ALMIGHTY.

Nature explains the profoundness of its working in uncountable ways. The rising of the sun after the darkest of night justifies that even the toughest of days shall pass. No matter how hard your life might be, how emotionally disturbed you might have been, but sooner or later, you get out of it.

The blooming of flowers in the spring and the free-falling of leaves in autumn indicate that life and death are unavoidable, but the time in between is what you have to cherish.

Multiple types of fruits and vegetables with unique and delectable tastes teach us to be comfortable in our identity and be beautiful in our skin.  We see that the mountain does not move, but trees do; the sky doesn’t move, clouds do. It gives us the message that stability amid all movement keeps you healthy.

Nature teaches you to be resilient like a tree that stands tall in the face of a storm or becomes a moon that lights up the dark.

The complexity of our universe and the intricacy of the human mind, its consciousness, and existence hint that humans were sent here for a purpose. The purpose is to contemplate and serve humanity using the qualities you are blessed with.

At the end of the day, your primary focus should be being kind to the people you meet and spreading love and happiness everywhere you go. We may be a speck in the grand universe, but as a stone dropped in a river, our impact can create ripples. What matters is not how dark it is around us; what matters is whether we let the darkness overwhelm us or choose to shine, and I choose to let myself shine all the way.


About The Author

Fatima Rizwan Siddiqi

An aspiring writer and an artist. I take ordinary, mundane things and through the power of words, breathes life into them. A student at NBS, currently in my first semester of BBA and lives with my family in Wah, Pakistan. I depict an emotional depth in writing and art and aim to make a difference in this world through my art, words and ideas.