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When Themistocles went to know the truth in all dealings of Kingship?

When Themistocles went to know the truth in all dealings of Kingship?

After 1400, when the map of earth was redesigned, there sprung up the three major kingdoms; Hogwarts, Galaxy and Emerald.
On a tidy morning, the door of “Royal” was knocked slightly and Themistocles, the King of the Emerald, received a gold cushion with a diamond crown and a paper, tied with a red thread. Last day, when he was bestowed with Kingship; the words, his dying father marked in his ear; began to jingle around when he opened the letter. The black script, written by a feather, would change the conception of Themistocles to deal and talk, who was aware at that time?
“King of Emerald! The king of Galaxy needs a towel to wipe his tears. I believe in you, that you’ll find my daughter. The last thing, I remember, during her horse-riding class was the cap of the Black, half-tilted with a white wing at the back. He’ll deceive us in that way, I could never expect this at that time. His name is Django, the black”.
It was 6 in the morning, when Themistocles went into the balcony with the letter in his hand. It was December of 1450.
Galaxy, Hogwarts and Emerald are the only kingdoms, whose friendship is recognized by the world. All the dealings including business, travel, export and gifts were going well. The king of Galaxy had her only one the most precious asset of his life, his winsome daughter Natalia, who celebrated her 22th birthday just a day before abduction.
The King of Hogwarts, Darius, with the only son Xerxes went to the Grand opening of “All-Kingdom Attire” at Athens 2 years ago. It was a time when the Themistocles with his father, Darius and Theron with his personal bodyguard Django met for the first time. They camels were exchanged, along with numerous jewels as a sign of fortune. The elite dance took place, and Xerxes went to Natalia:
Xerxes: Your Highness! May I execute fluent dance moves with you?
Natalia: It would be an honor (muffled voice).
After when Themistocles, Xerxes and Natalia went off, the trade among the 3 kingdoms initiated. Since then, each meeting gave the glimpse of higher steps, and Themistocles always used to shine the most. After a year, an agreement proposal was confronted by the Hogwarts on behalf of the Themistocles; a project of collective Paradise for both kingdoms. This project was the dream of Themistocles’ father. Later on, Xerxes fell in love with Natalia, but Natalia was more liable to Themistocles every time.
It was evening of May 1450, when King of Emerald (Themistocles ‘father) hit the bell to call the maid, and told her to set the table with a piece of paper and glass of water. He was out of breath; and at the very moment chinned-out his royal hereditary pencil and wrote an advice to Themistocles. His last words were:
“When you used to fill the glass of plastic balls in your childhood, with water at optimal level, it seemed excellent. But when you poured more water, the water came out of it; yet the balls got wasted. Same goes for the upcoming dealings of kingship in your life. Always make agreements within the boundary of glass.”
Later on, his hand pushed the glass off the table, and he went asleep. The rain started and Themistocles was found shivering at the grave of his father. The graveyard was filled with umbrellas, with black and white men holding them for the burial of the king. Natalia put the umbrella on Themistocles and embraced him.
Weeks went off. On November 15, 1450, Darius upon the request of his son, sent a marriage proposal to Theron for her daughter. Upon the consent of her daughter, the king Theron refused the proposal, and send all the gifts back to the empire. When Django came with the refusal letter and rejected jewels, he and his son felt a big disgrace. Later on, the bi-lateral trade between them went to garbage. The Galaxy and the Hogwarts had no further pleasant relations. On the other hand, every day the maid was called to make a bunch of coffees, the whole day for Themistocles. He had not yet forgotten the death of his father. He was left with no concerns and used to sit in balcony, thinking his past and sweet memories.
Xerxes’s love for Natalia got transformed into passion, and called Django to kidnap her. When the December of 1450 arrived, the delegates of Galaxy met at Sparta to talk on political confrontations. Natalia used to accompany her father, as she would be the upcoming queen of her empire. The alarm sounded, and everyone was called at the saddle ground for royal theme; an elite activity for the leaders. When Natalia went on the horse, behind the curtains to put a red-cloak on it, Django arrived. Natalia blew just like the wind. The party ended and no clue was rendered to follow at.
The next morning, again the Themistocles was at the balcony, reading the message of the Theron. He knew how it felt when your dear one leaves you. On one side, there was the King of Galaxy, begging for her daughter; while on the other side, there was his friend Xerxes who want to marry Natalia. And in between, was the enmity of Galaxy and Hogwarts and one-sided friendship of both kingdoms with Emerald. Being a true commander, he followed the king of galaxy and embarked on a journey to Hogwarts to save Natalia.
While Natalia was saved in the royal guest room, the royal secretary came to the king and said: “Themistocles is coming for Natalia”. The royal caretaker and hut-holder sounded the huge bell for strict check-in. The trained commander, Themistocles was renowned for his intelligence and his power to persuade others; not even a single dispute happened concerning whatever he said so far, and others didn’t agree. No one was ever able to judge his move except his father.
On 20th December, there was a “Royal exhibition of exotic flowers” at the Palace. Among those thousands of women who were there, with their backs down in front of king, Themistocles (in female costume) was one of them. After finding a suitable chance, he
approached the kitchen and pretended as a new hire. Luckily, he got a chance to went into the guest room to serve Natalia. When Themistocles removed his white scarf, the unconscious Natalia couldn’t believe her eyes and immediately hugged the Themistocles. Themistocles, being unpredictable, easily made his way through the palace to Galaxy kingdom.
Later on, after meeting with the king of Galaxy, he went off. Natalia started to feel deep about Themistocles, as she saw him as her savior. Finally, December went off.
The new-year day was big for the whole Emerald; as it was the day of the completion of the King’s dream. Back after 20th December, when Darius came to know that Natalia had left with Themistocles, he got aggressive and wanted to cancel the project. The final rule book, designed for Universal Kingdoms abandoned him; as the rule no.66 states:
“Every Kingdom should abide by the agreements concerning projects and trade with the other; otherwise there is an open-announcement for every kingdom to fight against the Law-Breaker”.
Yet, the king continued the project, but abandoned the other trade between two states. His son, Xerxes went into the world of drugs, a place for the down-trodden people. On the dawn of 1st January, the sun was bright enough to lighten the dew-drops as well as the paradise of the Themistocles’ father. Back after 25th December, when Themistocles was out of town to distribute the red-packets among his youth; a sign of power; the king of Galaxy, Theron sent an invitation for new-year’s theme dinner. Themistocles didn’t receive and according to rule no. 10 in universal rule book, the royal servants and maids were on leave for the new year celebration. The rule goes like this:
“The royals, working in the palace, should get a signed leave by the royal secretary for festivals and family days”.
Themistocles, checked the post-box outside his room, and received the letter by Theron. But it was too late then, because he had to go for his father’s dream. Themistocles went to the kingdom, Hogwarts. He was determined to convince the king and establish their relationship to embark on a new journey of success. He went into the city of Paradise; his father’s dream and sit on the land to shed a few tears. The new whole city would be the central place, only for royals, where the effective decision making concerning the policy of rule book would take place. Other than that, the paradise possessed everything too beautiful to influence a common man. It’s towering showers, amazing tall monuments and last but not the least the “Roof under the Trees”.
After this, the King of Galaxy developed enmity with Themistocles. His daughter showed no reaction because daughters didn’t speak in front of their father, but from inside, her heart was worried for Themistocles.
After a month, Themistocles was abandoned by both kingdoms. The royal secretary of Galaxy, who would be the upcoming king of empire, filled the ears of king against Themistocles. The secretary became successful to convince the king against
Themistocles, when again Natalia and Themistocles met at the monument of Paradise on 5th of July, 1451. It was the solo meeting of the successors of all 50 kingdoms. The secretary said:
“This man has snatched your son’s life and now he is trying to control the whole paradise.” Later on, the Personal bodyguard showed the fake confidential documents of the paradise to the king. Themistocles did good every time to both kingdoms, but his only mistake was his natural persuading power; both sides used to get agree on every matter, but when a dispute among them arises, they used to bring it to Themistocles. For Themistocles, both used to possess equal respect, how he could be able to make any decision?
This deficiency caused his kingdom to suffer a lot. Its economy figures went down. Everything remained abandoned between the three for 6 months; and finally, the chance to get together came. The food started to diminish in winter, which lasted longer for 10 months. The Themistocles, run individual campaigns in the paradise and separately at the kingdoms, which can be translated as:
“Every person would eat 2 bites less, as he used to eat in his regular meal”.
This implementation resolved the issue of all kingdoms within a week; and Themistocles went to redefine the rule book; rule no.100 as:
“A king shouldn’t intend everyone to be agreeable with him, as it would save him from trouble by going through a great deal”.
An year after, everything between 3 kingdoms was completely set, and all the kings including Themistocles realized their mistakes. The royal secretary of the galaxy was also suspended, along with Django. Finally, upon the mutual consent of all the kingdoms listed in universal rule book, Themistocles and Natalia got married. Irrespective of marriage, nobody could ever guess the place of it. It happened in paradise at “Roof under the trees” and Themistocles said to Natalia in his ear:
“I loved you since the first time I hugged you”.
And, they happily lived ever after.

Contributed by: Muhammad Bilal Anwar



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