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Welcome Class of 2021

Welcome Class of 2021

The honour is ours.

You are set to begin another chapter in your life. From here on, education and learning take on a new dimension. From here on, everything comes together.

Life at NUST will be just as memorable as school and high school, but still very different. For the first time, you have really chosen what to study. The years that come will seemingly be made up of slow passing days, but will still pass at an alarming speed.

So how to go about it? Traditions, norms and the common way of doing things at NUST is something you will pick up gradually. But the thing really worth understanding is this; NUST is a place to experiment and exchange ideas. It is here that you solidify your habits. And it is here that you understand yourself and realize what feels truly worth doing to you.

NUST has something for everyone. After all, we’re all similar and different at the same time. There is noise for those who seek it and quiet places to retire and repair for those who need it. What matters is embracing the institution that has opened its arms to you.

You will be part of a very diverse community at NUST. Some of these people will share your dreams and passions. It is necessary that you form a network with these people, so you help in the growth of each other’s ideas. For it is here that you start forming work based relations in your life.

By being admitted, it is already proven that you have what it takes to succeed at NUST. For the perfect university life, you will have to lose yourself and keep yourself together at the same time. The most important thing is never to lose sight of your goal.

There are two basic principles that a NUSTian needs to remember in order to stretch beyond his limits; challenging yourself and embracing failure. In the continuous process of learning over the coming years, these two principles will help you strive to achieve your very best.

By joining NUST you are part of a larger vision of pursuing curiosity. Change and growth come to you like never before. In having you the honour really is ours.


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