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Weekends in the Woods – NUST’s Newest Hiking Initiative

Weekends in the Woods – NUST’s Newest Hiking Initiative

The National University of Science and Technology not only cares about the academic excellence of its students, but also their health and well-being; which is why it always comes up with different ways to ensure everyone maintains a healthy lifestyle.

After conducting marathons and Intra-NUST sports events, and inaugurating a hiking trail within the very premises of the campus; on 9th February, NUST announced that it would be taking its students for a hike on both days of the weekend, to none other than Trail 5 of the Margalla Hills.

Many students were part of the hike, and hostel-residents found this as a great opportunity to go out on a new sort of adventure. Students encouraged one another to go, resulting in one large bus, and another small one laden with enthusiastic hikers leaving NUST for Trail 5 the very next day.

Due to such overwhelming participation in the first week, NUST announced that it would be continuing these trips in the weeks to come. This weekend, even more students were part of the trip, including Muhammad Saad Afzal and Janita Khan of SNS.

Speaking to PaperCrush, Saad expressed how he was fond of hiking, and commended on the hikes being a good initiative, allowing students to take their minds off mental stress, and focus on physical development instead. He also mentioned that proper attendance was marked for everyone on the trip, to ensure that no one was left behind. Janita also enjoyed the experience, and said that this was a great idea, and should definitely be continued.

There was only one hiccup during the day, some students got lost on the trail but were found eventually (Thank God for attendance). While the trip went on smoothly only with a minor delay in the departure and arrival, both, Saad and Janita, mentioned how they felt that better arrangements could be made for day-scholars, who were adjusted in the buses, unlike hostel-residents, who had reservations made a day prior to the hike.

With such improvements taken into consideration, NUST’s hiking initiative can definitely be more successful, with maximum participants ready to wander in the woods every weekend.


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