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Voice of the Soul

Voice of the Soul

She  was sitting beside the bank of the river, looking at her empty hands, thinking he is not in her hands now…. Hoor is basically the kind of girl whose expectations have been hurt by a person whom she loves and trusts the most.

She asked herself “Why do I love him from the core of my heart? Why is he even the whole world to me? Why is my heart still beating for him, even after he’s left me alone?”. She started questioning her existence; why was she even alive? But her questions remained unanswered…

She started looking at the waves with her fainting eyes; her eyes, which were full of despair; her hopes, which had been shattered…

“I will not accept anything from anyone, because expectations always hurt”, she said to herself. “Expectations hurt badly”.

“Expectations from the wrong people hurt you the most”, Hoor heard the voice of a girl. She looked  here and there, but couldn’t see anybody.

“Stop trying to find me, Hoor. You can’t see me.” The voice said.

“Who are you?”, Hoor asked.

“I am the voice of your soul”, it responded.

“As I was saying, expectations from wrong people hurt you the most. Hoor, you are in pain today, because you expected from a person you loved. You expected that he would love you the same way, and respect your feelings. Unfortunately, this didn’t happen because he didn’t have any commitment with you, nor did he ask you to expect anything”, the voice continued. “Such expectations are like an unsaid promise you made to yourself, or thought to be fulfilled by him who lives in your heart, but not in your life; who means the whole world to you, but you are nothing to him”.

“But now what should I do?”, Hoor asked.    

“You should make expectations from Allah Almighty, who Loves you more than you can even imagine. You should ask everything from Him”, the voice answered.

“I have begged Him, but He didn’t give me the person I loved. The one I wanted”, Hoor replied.

“Listen, Hoor. Sometimes, Allah doesn’t give us the things we want. Instead, He always Gives us that which is good for us. Indeed, He is the best planner”, added the voice.

“But how can I bear the pain? You can’t understand how much I am suffering!”, exclaimed Hoor.

“You know, Hoor, sometimes we think people can’t understand the suffering we are going through. We think that they don’t feel the pain in which we are, but we don’t think about how much we gain through our suffering. We don’t realize that the pain we bear makes us stronger, because no one else is aware of it. No one gains the same experience we do. Accept the pain, and be strong”, it advised.

“Nothing in this world is eternal, so don’t worry about your situation. You will see dreams again. Your eyes will shine again. You will live again.

One day, you will live again.”


About The Author

Tooba Nadeem

I love reading novels. Writing is my passion. I love to play basketball and squash