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The Veiled Wonder: C4

The Veiled Wonder: C4

Veiled behind the SMME building in the extreme corner of the campus, C4 is a quaint, quite place that remains largely unexplored. It comprises of a Dhaba that offers a cheerful, upbeat environment. The Dhaba is an unorthodox one, with cool umbrella shades that loom pleasantly over a couple of benches placed below. The elevated setting of the place offers a picturesque view of the campus.

A delightfully pleasant “Aunty Jee” runs the underrated Dhaba. The food served is scrumptious, and special measures are undertaken to maintain hygiene standards in the kitchen. The Biryani and Anday Wala Burger are the most acclaimed items on the menu. The former is the authentic Karachi Biryani that is filled with delicious potatoes, saffron and fiery spices.

The vendor at the juice stall nearby is an amiable man, who has a knack of handing out free strawberries to his customers who take on the insurmountable task of visiting the Dhaba from other schools around campus.

The Dhaba also serves Chinese food on two weekdays (Tuesday and Thursday) and another selling point is the exceptionally fast Wi-Fi connection. Though the overall ambiance of the place is extraordinary, it is rarely frequented by visitors from other schools due to its remote location.

The SMME warehouse nearby is a manufacturing workshop and displays some astounding creations of students at NUST. A visit to C4 therefore becomes all the more essential.

Editor: Minahil Shahab



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