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There are a lot of uncertainties in our lives. When we think about the term “uncertainty” the first link we create or envision is the feeling of being unsure about something in particular, which makes me wonder if we’re truly sure or certain about anything in our life?

We’re certainly not sure about how long our presence will linger on the face of this planet, neither are we sure about what our future holds for us, but we never stop ourselves from thinking about it. When we think about the future, we think about all the uncertainties the future could unfold with. These uncertainties don’t stop us from dreaming or planning our future which makes me think that humans are so naive because we promise each other forever as if our lives are permanent.

This uncertainty has become more prominent in the last year with the arrival of COVID-19. No one was expecting the world to be turned around this way, but it did, and we had no control over it. All of us have experienced loss over the last year in the form of losing over loved ones, losing our jobs, or simply losing our normal selves because everything feels so strange and foreign to us. Regardless, we still have hope in our hearts for things to get better, for a reunion with loved ones, and for every day to feel normal again.

All that we can do is promise our loved ones the idea of forever, even if it feels scary. We don’t know what the future holds for us or how much time we have in this world. So all that we can do is live in the present. We’re the ones who keep running after the big things and lose the perspective of the small things that create magic in our lives.

So all I can say with certainty is that our uncertainties shouldn’t have power over us, and neither should they be able to take away our perspective of viewing the beauty in the smallest things that life has to offer because often it’s the smallest things that end up creating the biggest, most beautiful changes in our unpromised lives.


About The Author

Manahil Akhlaq

I think the most interesting thing about humans is how simple these interesting things can be. Similarly I'm in love with the color blue and I can be bribed with Ice-cream anytime. I believe words have the power to express anything and that's what draws me towards writing!