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Why travelling and vacationing is a good idea!

Why travelling and vacationing is a good idea!

Travel is not an activity that everyone frequents in, but those who do absolutely swear by it. They say it paints the soul with effervescence and self-enlightenment at the same time. Personally, I find that vacations and travel opportunities alleviate any sense of judgment or restriction that I would feel in an environment where people are familiar with me. The anonymity of the passenger/traveller propels a person in their endeavors with the aid of never before experienced confidence.

Let’s dive into the fundamentals of the vacationing/travelling experience, shall we?

1) The Pause Button Effect

Travelling is, as I like to call it, a real life pause button. It’s a bookmark in the book that’s got you stuck in a rut. A vacation is best defined by seeing it as a parallel universe of possibilities, adventures and optimism. All that pessimism and existential crisis fodder gets to stay at home so you can break the surface and take a much deserved break from the stresses of your unforgiving routine.


2) Self Discovery


I think that’s the best part of the vacation. The anticipation of seeing and experiencing new things and stepping outside your comfort zone. Your personality erupts and burgeons in development during this time. Simply because you’ve left your responsibilities behind and there’s only room for focusing on what you want for yourself. For once, it’s a little bit justified to display a tinge of selfishness and indulge in one’s desires. So sit back and watch my friend, while your war with yourself falls apart to be replaced by positivity and self-love. Or in other words; treat yoself.

3) Strengthening Group Ties

Going anywhere in a group ensures a good time, because you’re in the presence of company that understands your personality with the very convenient omission of the entire group’s routine duties given the nature of a vacation. For starters, you find joy in the simplest of activities together such as breakfast, which would otherwise be a tiresome experience with deadlines to meet and exams to study for. There’s something enchanting about getting familiar with someone in such an environment, it gives infinitely elevated value to the entire experience.

4) Emergence of a New You

‘New you’ is loose terminology for You 2.0, better than ever before. Travel and vacation always presents you with unusual situations that end up being a learning experience which contribute to you as an individual. You may become kinder, may return to your life feeling rejuvenated and may become more appreciative of the diversity around you (all of the above happen if you’re lucky).

5) Cultural Diversity

Sifting through the plethora of ethnicities and cultures across the globe is a truly satisfying experience, one which contributes to your appreciation and understanding of the world in a holistic point of view. Clearly, our strength lies in celebrating our differences rather than creating conflict out of them.

6) The End Result: A Heart Swollen With Joy

Because this experience is something that nobody can tarnish for you. It’s like a gift that you gave yourself. Yes, very much like that time you spent the entirety of your monthly income on what seemed to be a meal for seven (worth the culinary hangover I’d say).

At the end of the day, it feels like something has laced its fingers around your heart. And the experience of your vacation walks hand in hand with you, because every blink of an eye reminds you of the exhilaration that this journey brought you.

Of course, you shall travel again. You shall find yourself again.


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