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The Roommate

The Roommate

I do not know how long I have to live, so I’m writing this in a hurry in case she decides to come back in the future. It may sound crazy, but please don’t let my warnings fall on deaf ears, or else Joe’s death wouldn’t be the last on this campus.

It was my freshman year in college, and since I lived far away, I had to stay in a dorm which was fairly difficult for me considering I’d been home-schooled most of my life and my high school used to be a fifteen-minute walk from home. My room was on the ground floor, so I was elated about not having to walk the long flight of stairs each time to get to the parking lot in case the elevators were out of order – a common occurrence in these dorms.

On the first day, I was setting up my room and putting my belongings in place when my roommate walked in through the door. Oddly enough, she was carrying nothing but her phone and a small purse. She had long, light brown hair and pale white skin. Her eyes were the deepest shade of brown. She walked straight to her bed and sat down while staring at her phone, not even giving me a glimpse. Well, just my luck! I thought. Looks like I’m unlucky enough to get an unfriendly roommate. I went to her and said hi, to which she looked up at me and gave me a hint of a smile before looking back down.

“What’s your name?” I asked, to which she looked at me with a confused look on her face. Grabbing a paper and pencil, she wrote down “Joe”. “Oh! Nice. My name’s Hannah.”

She just shook my hand and our first meeting pretty much ended there. Must be unable to speak, I thought. Poor thing.

Next few weeks went by the same way. Even when she took classes, she’d just be staring at her phone. Must be introverted, I reasoned, and shrugged it off.

At nights, I’d usually wake up to find her awake, sitting still on her bed and staring out the window. It was pretty creepy but I just assumed she might be finding it difficult to adjust to dorm life. She had other issues as well, after all. I even asked her once, to which she replied, “I need new ones”, scribbled on a piece of paper. “New what?” I asked, to which she smiled and started looking out the window again, unblinking.

At some point, I’d started to find it weird and thought it’d be best if I stayed over at Bella’s some nights. Her roommate was mostly out partying and she told me she could use the company, anyway. So, since I couldn’t take Joe staring out the window like a creep every time I woke up in the middle of the night, I started staying over at my friend’s.

I think I saw something in my window just now, so I’ll flash forward to the previous week.

I was washing my hands in the bathroom when I saw a door left half-open, with a person still inside.

“Hey, I think you left this open by mistake,” I said. I stepped forward to close it when I noticed she was slumped in an awkward position. I opened the door an inch to see a girl sitting dead on the toilet with her eyes gouged out. I screamed.

Soon, everyone gathered around the body and the police was trying to investigate what had happened. I couldn’t get the image of her corpse out of my head so I went to Bella’s and she calmed me down a bit.

I decided to stay at hers that night, and went back to my room to get some of my stuff when I noticed my roommate was asleep on her bed. I sighed. So now she decides to sleep, I thought, while thinking about how she’d been creeping me out for a month now.

My phone was underneath her so I shrugged her and told her to move aside.

She woke up and looked at me with eyes light green, as her face cracked into a large toothless grin.


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Ayesha Ejaz

A junior from ASAB, currently doing my bachelors in biosciences. To put it briefly, I am the very definition of introverted. Quiet on the outside and a little bit of quirk on the inside! I love reading all the types of horror related content out there as well as replicating it in my own writing! Oh, and a true crime enthusiast as well! I know almost all of the good anime out there, as well as shows if anyone needs any good recommendations. Do give my content a read and give your two cents about the thoughts I've spilled in my writing!