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Yearbook: The NUST Dictionary

Yearbook: The NUST Dictionary

By Areej Saqib
Graphics: Alizah Gul Memon


Don’t you think it is NICE that NUSTians have their own unique vocabulary? Don’t worry, if you are a NUSTian, you will definitely C1 word at least in this dictionary that you’ll recognize.

  • NUSTian(s)
    The word itself is quite self-explanatory; student(s) of NUST.
  • Scene
    Everyone has at least said it once during their time here.
    It can used in place of the word ‘situation’. For example, “Don’t worry about the assignment, bro. Easy scene hai.”
    Another popular way of using scene is: “Kya scene hai bhai?”
  • Ditch Karain?
    It is said when one is suggesting to not attend lectures, or submit assignments.

Usually one person is tempting the rest, and most of the time this person is unheard because it is just a wishful thought said aloud in most desperate of times

  • Miss Karao
    It is very similar to ‘ditch karain?’ and can be synonymous in many cases.

However, ‘miss karao’ is said when the decision already made to miss the class.

  • Theta
    It used to describe the toppers and more studious students of class.

These include the ones who might not always get the best grade, but are always prepared for quizzes, hardly miss an attendance and finish their assignments on time.

  • Treat Toh Banti Hai
    A subtle phrase used by friends who don’t score well to reap benefits from their theta.
  • Masti Mein Aye Huay Ho
    It said to a person that is being hyperactive and mischievous either because they aced a quiz or an exam, or when they are trying to cope with stress using weird humor.
  • Shugal Lagana
    Similar to masti, it mostly involves two or more people excessively laughing at random things that make no sense to anyone else listening.
  • Sasti Chars Ki Hui Hai Kya?
    Basically, it is said jokingly to a person who looks tired, but seems super high
  • Aik Baj Gya Hai
    This sentence is said at break time by students who are genuinely hungry and tired or just want to get away from class
  • C1/C2 Chalain?
    It is asked by one who doesn’t want to come off as too excited to go for break. It is a rhetorical question because the person asking is just being polite and will go regardless
  • Hostel Chalain?
    Asked by hostelites to one other when by chance they get free from class early or want to ditch a class
  • OHTs Yaar
    The sad phrase is said when one is rejecting an opportunity of having fun because of OHTs. Sometimes, students used it as an excuse to not hang out.
  • Ticket Abhi Lo, Sasti Paregi
    This is the tagline used by the marketing team of every society at NUST
  • Yaar Bank Jana Hai
    Mostly said by hostellites (in frustration) when they have to pay their hostel or mess fees.
  • Barish Ho Rahi Hai
    Students’ way of informing one another about rain, so that they bring their umbrellas or enjoy the weather together.

Usually said out of delight, however, if it is raining continuously for days, it is said rather unhappily.

  • Garmeee!

It is said out aloud in summers when the hot temperature is just not bearable anymore

  • Panaflex
    A banner launch done in Concordias by societies to promote their events, often accompanied with attendance by HR members.
  • Society Meetings
    The attempt of members of a society to meet up and discuss the event being held.
    Usually informed on the council’s WhatsApp group.
  • Donate Kardo 100 Rupees
    A request usually made by members working for charity events.
    The amount of money is specified to avoid scaring students that are almost always ‘broke’.
  • Jury
    (SADA students are heard using it very often, but very less people know what it actually means)
    A presentation of sheets and models made by SADA students during their project submission.
    The only good outcome of a jury is that it marks the end of the project.
  • Survey
    NICE students do soil surveys at NUST campus as a class.

Survey requires proper clothing and footwear since it is a messy and tiring process

  • Phatta
    Translates to “foosball”.

SCME students are often heard using it since they play phatta in the SCME ground.

  • Khaapa
    The iconic food stall beside the SEECS lobby
  • Fish Pond Area
    The focal point for students of NBS when communicating to where to meet up



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