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The Most Beautiful Treasures Lie in the Deepest Blue

The Most Beautiful Treasures Lie in the Deepest Blue

“The most beautiful treasures lie in the deepest blue”– An oceanic metaphor, this line describes the state of struggle in a human’s life. It depicts that all the beautiful things in life never come easy; rather they come at a heavy price. Ordinary things can be achieved with minimal effort. However, those in the pursuit of the extraordinary settle for nothing less. They toil endlessly and jump into the deepest water for the most magnificent treasures.

At the same time, the most meaningful moments of one’s life occur in a state of gloom. Generally, the ‘blue’ moments in our lives are considered worthless. But this is the most valuable time in one’s existence, for these are the moments that shape a human and their destiny.

Breaking down this literal masterpiece, on one hand, portrays the hard work needed to prosper in your struggles. ‘The deepest blue’ refers to the fathomless depth of the oceans. This includes the deepest parts of the Earth still unexplored by mankind.

All the priceless jewels lie at the bottom of the ocean. The pearls and the gems located at the incalculable depth of the water are almost impossible to acquire. This all is similar to our lives and our ambitions.

Our dreams and goals are located at the end of a road filled with failure, obstacles, doubts, and many other hurdles and miseries. But those with resolute determination take the leap of faith into the endless ocean. Their unfaltering persistence carries them through thick and thin. And they ultimately triumph and realize the fruits of their endeavors.

Humans can achieve something truly outstanding and sincerely realize its value only when they undergo extraordinary suffering.

Another aspect of the sentence can be relating the color ‘blue’ to the feel and theme of melancholy. Sadness and gloom in one’s life are inevitable. We all go through a state of despair and dejection.

The real determining factor is what we decide to do in those moments of despair and sorrow. If we decide to give up and let go of hope, there is no way we can pick ourselves up from the dirt. By doing nothing and lamenting over the past, we will only have regrets in the future.

On the contrary, if we understand the true worth of our suffering and tears and learn from our past, we can be remembered forever. We should not let ourselves fall deeper into the pit hole of grief. Instead, we must find our feet and toil for our goals with more zeal and zest. Therefore, we can find marvelous riches in our most depressing moments.

Hence, the line “The most beautiful treasures lie in the deepest blue” is a guiding principle for anyone looking to make a name for themself in this world. Success and the most valuable things in life are both realized in the hour of hardship and desolation.

Your darkest days will bleed some of the brightest colors on the canvas of your destiny.”


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