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The Ko Ko Korina Fiasco

Originally sung by Ahmed Rushdi and performed by the Chocolate Hero-Waheed Murad, Ko Ko Korina is all time favorite of every person from all generations across Pakistan.

But Coke Studio in their attempt to re-create the song succeeded in destroying it. “Horrendous” at least that is what our minister for Human Rights, Shireen Mazari thinks about the song in her tweet:

While Momina replied by saying that it is the freedom of expression that has given Coke Studio the right to re-make the song this way:



On the other hand, various celeberites including Zoheb hassan have estimated that the rendition did not live up to the hype:

In fact, Waheed Murad’s son, Adil Murad, expressed that Coke Studio was run by “IDIOTS”.

A meme trend started after the release of Ko Ko Korina on the 19th of October. The video has been trending on YouTube gaining more than 73,000 dislikes.

One tweeter expressed his view on the song claiming it to be the ‘worst’:

The poor choice of vocalists and the composition was not the only deficiency. The boisterous outfits and set up was also not appreciated by audiences:

However, some people came out to support the singers and the song:

While others had mixed feelings:

Tell us what you think about this rendition of Ko Ko Korina.


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