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The First Word

The First Word

Have you ever wondered what the first word of the first human was? I didn’t, until I found out that the only reason humanity survived till now was because we talked to one another. Sure, animals have their own means of communicating as well, but we know something that they don’t: we know how to tell stories.

We tell each other about our day, about our feelings, about our opinions of the world and our life; what we want and what we need, what we love and what bothers us; our confiding in one another creates an unbreakable bond. We need to tell stories. We can’t live without sharing, but ironically, we are alive because of sharing.

I find it beautiful and intriguing how words can move worlds; how we can change people’s feelings, mood, and thinking by just speaking to them; how the lines on our skin move to paint a picture; how the tone we take sings the deepest of melodies.

Do you know why we spoke to begin with? We spoke because we thought. Unfortunately, living in a world that has become too saturated with words, the power of thinking has begun to scare us. We are so afraid of thinking, that we are even terrified of our own thoughts.

The night scares us so much that we end up numbing our brains before going to sleep by scrolling and scrolling through meaningless posts until we are too tired to think. We want to do anything that can stop us from thinking. We all find a habit. Some find Instagram, others find video games and many more find drugs. We just fool ourselves over and over, because the reality of life feels too harsh. Thinking that every day that passes is a day lesser of your life, and thinking about the purpose of your life and what you got to do in your short stay on this Earth are thoughts that are just too hard to think about. So, we rather choose to close our eyes every day at night and wake up every morning, simply believing that we will wake up the next day.

It was the denial of the rulers that their empire will never fall that eventually led to their destruction. What most of us fail to realize is that the more we run away from our thoughts, the deeper they dig into our mind, until there is a void that doesn’t seem to fill. The only way to not spiral out and be consumed by that void is to face what we run away from, and do something about it. Let us take a step every day towards our goal of life. Let us not convince ourselves that we are doing good until we actually are trying to be a better version of ourselves every day.

Someone thought for the first time, and that is why we are here – able to communicate and grow. Let us not lose the ability that makes us unique, but instead, embrace and celebrate it. So… what do you think?


About The Author

Areej Saqib

I am someone that cannot be crammed up into one metaphor. Writing is my therapy. I love reading books, playing basketball and watching conspiracy theories. I want to create places that become a part of people's stories as memories. That is why I chose to study architecture. I am an introvert at heart, but I can come across as an extrovert due to my excessive rambling.