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The Dogs

The Dogs

The Dogs

The cold wind swept past my face as the water crashed against my ankles,

Here I was, standing in this great weather, with my wrists in shackles,

The atmosphere was gloomy, despite the beings lively,

My lips smiled automatically as I thought of my journey,

As I raised my face to the sky, cherishing the wind against my face

My eyes caught the multitude of expressions all around me in the present faces,

As I looked behind me, the red hot trail of blood blazing

I turned my palms towards me; with blood, they are dripping,

A few drops of rain started to fall from the cloudy sky,

Racing down my back, meeting the blood-red blade that was grey

From amongst the crowd, she emerged, walking towards me,

The one person I trusted; my only family despite no blood ties

The intensity of the rainfall and atmosphere began to increase slowly,

I gave her my all because when I called her sister, I meant it truly,

She raised her hand, stopping 5 feet away from me,

I could see the cold steel muzzle pointing at me,

As she pulled the trigger, the satisfaction in the environment was vivid,

I recognized all these faces as ones once I had claimed to be friends with

My chest burned and stung as I was sent flying backward

I could see the claims of friendship made by each one: empty words,

As I fell, looking at the world toppling, my body rested in the water halfway,

From the beginning, I knew that I would face this, though I didn’t know I will die this way,

I understand the hatred everyone had but did this I deserve?

I chose this life and chose to be the devil, but goodness I once served

I don’t mind being killed with a knife in my back and a bullet in my heart,

But was I that bad a creature for my body to be left in the cold like this?

I was the monster who only ever wanted to help,

If I chose this life, it’s because the others lead to a black heart,

So what if I didn’t let you do wrong and stood against it

In the end, it saved you from yourself, didn’t it?

The funny thing is, if time was reversed, I would do it all exactly the same,

If that means being labeled the villain, I accept and live up to it; I will

No point in regrets now, here come the dogs; for my flesh, they are dying,

As they chew and gnaw, the audience disperses; satisfaction from their faces, dripping,

-Basil Faisal Qureshi


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