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“The devil in disguise”

I wrote about monsters ever since I was a kid

Some hid under my bed; some haunted all the dead ends


Shadows lured in corners, but light would make them go away

The darkness scared me, but the words scared me more- all what people would say


You can’t ever know what words they are going to throw, so you can never take a dive

All those words get to your head; all those words that make it hard to stay alive


I was stupid enough to think that words alone could mess up your mind

The silence is a heavier bullet, it blocks you up inside

What can words do except wound and heal?

The walk of the devil, and his presence, are what’s creepy

For his skin is not red, but his aura is blood bright

For he is a monster, with no claws, no knife

His stare is enough to suffocate you,

And it makes you want to die;

Yet you remain frozen under his eyes


Foolish I was to think that he would tell me his next move,

As a good killer never says, “I am going to kill you.”

He grips and chokes before you even get a clue


Yet I live to tell his tale, enjoyed by most ears

For they don’t realize his secret; it is just fun and play for his peers

You see the devil doesn’t look ugly; he is just rotten from the core

He pushes and pushes and pushes me till an edge is no more


I am hoping You will catch me, oh my Lord

They say that an oppressed woman’s sigh reaches the skies

So, I beg you, my lord, “Save me from the devil, from the devil in disguise.”



About The Author

Areej Saqib

I am someone that cannot be crammed up into one metaphor. Writing is my therapy. I love reading books, playing basketball and watching conspiracy theories. I want to create places that become a part of people's stories as memories. That is why I chose to study architecture. I am an introvert at heart, but I can come across as an extrovert due to my excessive rambling.