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The atrocities in Kashmir are too much for an over-sensitive person like me: Mushaal Mullick

The atrocities in Kashmir are too much for an over-sensitive person like me: Mushaal Mullick

Panel discussion on entertainment turns into an impassioned session for Kashmir, grand-daughter of Kashmiri leader gets an emotional meeting with Mrs. Mullick

Islamabad: Kashmiri freedom activist Mushaal Mullick told students at NUST that her artistic inspirations are tied with the cause of Kashmir that she is fighting so vehemently for. E eventMrs. Mullick also said that with her family’s roots in Kashmir, marrying Kashmiri Freedom leader Yasin Malik was a call of destiny.

She, along with anchor person Farooq Hasan were the speakers at a Panel Discussion on Pakistan’s entertainment industry on Wednesday. The event was organized by the NUST Media Club at the IESE seminar hall.

While Mr. Hasan stayed on the topic of his journey in the entertainment industry, Mrs. Mullick tended to deviate to talking about the Kashmir cause and the possible role of youth in it. “Every youngster with passion and commitment can be the leader of a struggle”, she said.

A member of the audience, Syed Asim

Zubair, thought the deviation was bound to happen. “She is an artist turned into a life-time freedom fighter”, Zubair said. He also added that Mrs. Mullick’s art is now just a fight for the right.

Mrs. Mullick only briefly came to the topic of her art adding, saying that she was fashioning herself after Iqbal by aligning her creative expression with her ideology. Mr. Hasan

talked about the entertainment industry in greater detail, saying that the field is very competitive. “If you’re not fit the screen will not accept you.”

However both speakers agreed that education is the single most important thing in a person’s life. “Education gives you security and an identity”, said Mrs. Mullick, while Mr. Hasan called it a decisive factor.

The event was marred by low attendance, eventually ending when Mr. Hasan expressed that people were getting drowsy. “I know the feeling” he joked, “I was forced into seminar halls in my student years too.”

Outside the hall, a student Huma Ansari caught up with Mrs. Mullick, introducing herself as the grand-daughter of the Pro-Freedom Kashmiri leader, Abdul Khaliq Ansari. Mrs. Mullick embraced the student and expressed her respect for the late leader. “I wanted to meet Mushaal to let her know how much I appreciate her sacrifices for us, Kashmiris” Huma later told PaperCrush.


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