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Take that Leap of Faith

Take that Leap of Faith

Imagine a stormy night, shrouded in darkness. There is a party arranged at a place in town, and people from far beyond are all invited. Now, there will be some who know the hosts, and know the quickest routes to the place as they have already travelled the most. So they make it there, almost too quickly to be true. Now comes the newbies to the town who are all invited for their first times. Some of them would decide to go, in spite of the pouring rain, and would take that one road which always takes longer, but is the safest route. But this also becomes the story of those people, who would surely arrive at that party on that night, however just a little late but late enough so that the afore mentioned early birds, the skilled travelers would have already feasted and would now be half way through with making new acquaintances. The new person at the scene, would now have to put in an even greater effort into introducing himself, and making his presence significant amongst those who have already networked.

It is this realization that you would have to be more laborious than the rest that scares some of the invited people away into ever reaching that party on that night. The possibility of being the newcomer and having to face off against those who have already been crowned as lords and ladies of the group, wards them off into staying at their homes instead. However, there will be some individuals, who although felt timid and shy at the prospect of being the newcomer, still decided to show up on that challenging night. This is precisely where the magic begins to happen.

Once they reach the party, they may initially have to stand as a quiet onlooker in some corner of the room. However, soon enough, someone at the party would notice him and call him up. Or he’d walk over by himself to a group of people. Either way, somehow, eventually he’d be asked about how the journey was, and as he would begin to narrate the hardships of the pouring rain, and the lonely route he took, he’d summon attention and respect. People would listen in admiration to someone who struggled, but kept his spirits at bay and never looked back. The crowned lords and ladies, would personally identify with him, as they too were once the same naïve wanderers, when they too had travelled for their first times. The newcomer would thus now be an admired addition to the gathering, and before the night would end, not only would he now know of the shortcuts to reach the party for the next time around, but he would also be holding the invite and planning with people for the next time around.

It is precisely these gritty people in life, who take the chance no matter how odd or unfavorable the circumstances can be, that are capable of changing the course of their lives for the better. They become the aspiring stories of success, the ones who rose to their critical fame by first struggling to their sweats in their more obscure days.

In life, there are no conclusive winners or losers. But yes, there are On Lookers and Participants. The On lookers never have any progressiveness in them, and so they never undergo the struggle to be new. They confine themselves to spectator rooms and can only be cheerers for the ones in the game. The participants, however, who are in the game, are the ones who really make a difference with every step they take. Surely, at any particular moment, there will be those leading the group from the front, and those occupying the last slots. To the on lookers, the struggle of the ones at the back may seem futile. But what they often forget is that the participant at the back, would never remain there forever. As long as they are with the pack of wolves, they’ll meet mentors who groom and refine them and on their own go through personal experiences, where they’d learn how to run better and move up along the ranks.

Hence, to conclude, never let your doubts and fears about yourselves define you. Whenever life throws at you a chance for something new, avail it in hopes that it nurtures you into an evolved person. The important part however, is, that you MUST keep moving forward, no matter your pace.

If you can’t fly, then run.

if you can’t run, then walk.

if you can’t walk, then crawl,

but by all means keep moving.

-Martin Luther King Jr.-


About The Author

Adeena Tahir

I'm Adeena Tahir, sophomore at IESE NUST. I’m an observant caffeinated ambivert, who tries her best to put into words all those moments, where suddenly everything that once seemed mundane turns poetic and to cause an exchange of perceptions through empathetic writing!