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A SomeWhatSuper night at NUST

A SomeWhatSuper night at NUST

An EDM night leaves NUST moving to the beat

Ending a day full of colors, NUST welcomed the hottest Electronic Dance Music (EDM) duo of the country: Some What Super arrived and set the stage on fire.

Hosted by the NUST Fine Arts Club, the EDM night was full of dance, energy and joy. The event was open to everyone, including people outside of NUST. The starting acts DJ Wali and DJ Niazi, set the stage with awesome tracks and remixes with the crowd shouting and dancing, and more people joining in.

The main act of the night; Talha and Feroz from SomeWhatSuper followed up and lit up the stage with their lively personalities and music that made everyone jump to their feet. Their tracks which fused EDM with Urdu, English and Punjabi made people wave their hands, singing along and dancing. Their energy on the stage fueled the massive crowd and made sure that everyone was having a great time.

edm night at nust

Somewhatsuper is a Melbourne based Pakistani band. The two boys from Lahore, Talha and Feroz have redefined EDM for the Pakistani masses. Their unique soundtracks and mixes include Electronic music mixed with Urdu and Punjabi. They became an instant hit when they arrived on the scene back in 2015. Since then, they have only gotten better with every song, their latest hit being “The Sibbi Song featuring Abid Brohi”, which is very popular all over the country.

The NUST Fine Arts Club, NFAC, decorated the arena beautifully. The security was tight, the food was good, and the main stage was a sight to behold. The blend of colorful lighting and the loud, clear music made you feel like you were witnessing something special.Everyone in sight was moving to the music.

Raja Basit Ali, who was attending the event thought the event would have been perfect if not for the minor sound and light hiccups. “But the speakers sounded awesome”, he added. Others however, sounded completely blown away by the night. “This is one of the best events I have attended during my time here”, said Iqra Abbasi, a final year student.



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