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Summer or Winter? A brief comparison

Summer or Winter? A brief comparison

Hey, guess what time it is? Not the most wonderful time of the year. One second you’re shivering, and the other you’re sweating! Everybody’s arguing with themselves in the depth of the nights whether to keep one foot out of the blanket, or not. Since the weather is so indecisive, let us make the decision. What do you prefer: summer or winter?

Since we are about to bid cool breezes, comfortable hoodies and runny noses goodbye, let us give winter the first chance to make its case:

Eat as much as you want

It’s a cold winter evening, you’re curled up beside the heater, rubbing your socks-ridden feet against one another for the perfect “foot temperature”, and somebody brings out an amazing hot lava cake right after you had a big dinner. Do you eat, or let it pass? Of course you eat! Even if your stomach is bursting, no one will know because you have your oversized hoodie on! Eat away, my friend!

The dramatic aesthetic

Now imagine this: you’re wearing an autumn-themed ensemble, paired with a beige long coat, adorned with dark brown buttons (either from Mango or Sunday Bazaar, the point is you look cute), and you’re strolling down the sidewalk, hearing the fall leaves crunch as you step on them. Should you be in a music video, or what! Winter comes with its own culture of random dramatics, photoshoots, and sentimental Ustad Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan Instagram captions. Even when you don’t mean them, you love them!

“Murree mein burf pari hai” trips

We Pakistanis are suckers for snowfalls, even if it’s just an inch deep, days old, sooty snow. We are always ready to take day-long and weekend trips to Murree, and occasionally to Kalabagh, to see the divine ‘burf’. We wear our boots, even if they are pointed and pencil heeled, we get our numerous sweaters and coats, wear them all at once, we get our Mehrans, and off to Murree we go!

Now, if you don’t find any of the above points to your liking, or you relate to some of them but still abhor the shivers, the clogged respiratory systems, and getting out of warm beds, then you’re probably a summer person:

Sun’s out, fun’s out

Whatever the circumstances may be, you can never have a dull summer day! Everything’s bright and shiny, and if you are someone who’s not the biggest fan of the dark, summer is the time for you! Sunrises in July can be as early as half past 5, and sunsets can be as late as 7! So you can enjoy the whole day without worrying about Ami’s ‘Maghrib se pehle ajana’ curfew.

Summer Vacation

Everybody, literally every single person on the planet, cannot wait for this God-gifted period to begin! If you’re planning on spending the whole of three months sleeping, eating and binge-watching TV series, or you’re all-set to go on a biking trip from Islamabad to Swat, we’re all psyched for summer vacations, and it’s never too early to start crossing out days on the calendar. Although some of us have to work on our internships, most of us have a myriad of time on our hands, and we can do whatever we want (right subjected to Ami)!


The King of the Fruit! The Mango! The cute tiny ones, the humongous ones, the sweet-smelling ones, we can have them all! Mango milkshake, mangoes and cream, mango in fruit salad, mango juice, what can you not do with this precious fruit? And even if you are Satan’s minion and don’t enjoy mangoes that much, summer offers all kinds of other exotic fruit and especially in a country as fruitful *wink wink* as ours! You can have peaches, plums, apricots, watermelons and all sorts of berries! Fruit just makes summer all-round wonderful and heavenly.

Even if you get sick of sweat patches, load-shedding, and the scorching heat, you have to admit both seasons have their own charms. It’s your turn now. Tell us what your favourite season is, and why!



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