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Student Mushaira 6.0

Student Mushaira 6.0

By Tooba Nadeem

وہ تو خوشبو ہے، ہواؤں میں بکھر جائے گا

مسئلہ پھول کا ہے، پھول کدھر جائے گا

Inviting all literature enthusiasts and admires of skillful wordplay to get together, NUST Literary Circle (NLC) organized its sixth “Student Mushaira” on Thursday, 5th December, where spears of words were thrown and rhymes were pelted.

The event commenced at 2:00pm with the arrival of the judges in SEECS Seminar Hall. They were welcomed by a vehement crowd. First of all, a few verses of Holy Quran were recited, after which the host enchanted the listeners with a beautiful poem.

Subsequently, the first team was invited on stage, and the first participant took his mic to recite the following verses:

ابھی بھی دل کے مچلنے کی عادتیں ہیں وہی

ابھی بھی تیرے تغافل میں کچھ کمی نہیں ہے

The audience was amused by his bewitching poetry, and was left spellbound as the poetry continued verse by verse. One after the other, each participant enraptured the spectators with their ravishing rhymes.

Speaking to PaperCrush, the Joint Secretary of NLC, Fiza Faisal, mentioned that because there is no degree like BS Literature at NUST, their basic aim and motto behind organizing such events is to promote literature and to give poets a chance to showcase their talent. “We have been organizing Student Mushaira for six years, and every year, the event is getting bigger and better. Not only NUSTians, but also non-NUSTians like students of PIEAS and many other universities participate in this event,” she said.

Zaryab, a student of BS Physics remarked that “It  was a good event and it was a good decision to change judges this time, because the same judges were covering this event for the last two years. I hope that NUST Literary Circle will maintain the decorum of the event among the audience, will continue its tireless efforts to promote literature.”

Similarly, Irtika, a non-NUSTian who had come specially for this event commented that “The audience was really amazing. I enjoyed a lot. The respect and appreciation that the audience showed was of great worth.”

It was a really good event overall. There were so many good rhymes that everyone got to listen to, and the décor was amazing too. The way crafts were made and set along the stage was truly reflecting the title of the event. Personally, I am a poetry lover, but this event further deepened my fondness for poetry. The judges also played their part by appreciating the participants, and motivating them to work harder to promote Urdu language either by playing with words, or by writing entrancing rhymes. As Urdu is our language, it is our due responsibility to own it and to make our utmost contribution for its progress.

اردو ہے جس کا نام ہم جانتے ہیں داغ

سارے جہاں میں دھوم ہماری زباں کی ہے.

There were a lot of poems which touched my heart and regaled me, but the most heart-wrenching verse I remember was:

جہاں سے ساتھ چلے تھے وہاں ہر کوئی تھا

جہاں پر چھوڑ گئے ہو وہاں کوئی نہیں ہے

“Medicine, law, business, engineering… These are noble pursuits and necessary to sustain life. But poetry, beauty, love… These are what we stay alive for.”

~ Dead Poets Society


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