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Spill the ink-A message to myself from 2030

Spill the ink-A message to myself from 2030

Adil, read this carefully and don’t be scared. I am you ten years from now.

I am writing to you from an underground bunker. There is nothing but menace and destruction all-around. Do you remember the 2019 Indo-Pak escalations? They ended up in a war about two years from now.

The Kashmir issue initiated a chain of events that made the two nuclear-armed madmen cause a nuclear holocaust. You would think the cause of the war was the dispute, but actually, it was a fight for resources.

Both countries had exhausted their resources due to over-population. And eventually, massacred humanity in their greed and lust for power.

Over the years in your time, science would progress tremendously, creating various technologies, one of which is this “inter-time dimensional mail” with which I am sending you this letter.

Due to severe economic competition, a surge of industrialization commenced in 2021 in both countries, but this exhausted their resources and degraded the environment, causing severe pollution. And the time in which you are living now, “the quarantine period” as we know it, mounted enormous economic pressure on them to sustain such a large population due to which they collapsed.

And to divert the attention away from the crucial issues the beast of war had unleashed. They had become oblivious to the nuclear quarantine zones singing the mourning song of isolation and demise and forgotten the Hiroshima and Nagasaki incident and the previous four wars in which they were engaged.

On the sixteenth day of the war, just before sunrise, the very ground of the Indian Subcontinent shook by a nuclear blast, which was followed by a counter nuclear attack. Till now, no one knows for sure who launched the first nuclear warhead to initiate this nemesis. Nevertheless, the fate of the natives of the Subcontinent was doomed.

The devastation of this was the death of 125 million humans with over 200 million wounded. The members of the Cabinets of both sides were killed in the attack. Architecture, nature, life, everything, was obliterated. An estimated loss of 870000 trillion dollars was suffered by both sides.

And this was nothing as compared to the future losses. The agricultural sector was too destroyed due to the failure of the monsoon because of the atmospheric changes that caused a famine, which further took 300 million lives. The ozone layer had ruptured, and thick nuclear smoke filled the air, resulting in a “nuclear winter” which ultimately affected the whole world.

Even now, we are still living in the post-war bunkers. After all this destruction, I could not just sit around doing nothing. I, accompanied by a few survivors, rose to the occasion. We, in 2023, started a campaign against modern warfare. Its motive was to demilitarize this region to resolve the Kashmir issue and the Indo-Pak dispute. We were nothing in the beginning, but over the years, our efforts started to be recognized.

In 2025, we formally established an organization named “International Denuclearization Armistice Corporation”; in 2027, the international world recognized us, and in 2028, our organization was officially incorporated into the UN. In 2029, I was selected as an administrator of Pakistan by the existing cabinet.

And after six months, I, along with the Indian president, was able to reunite Pakistan, Kashmir, India, and Bangladesh under one flag after a series of negotiations and reconciliations. It was the reformation of the great Subcontinent and the solution to all our problems.

Today, I am writing to you on the eve of the signing of the denuclearization treaty by the whole world to rid the world of the nuclear threat.

The purpose of my message is to tell you that you have the potential and the time to organize and stop all of this from happening, to save the people. I still remember what my aims were when I was your age. And I regret not doing anything back then. The guilt still haunts me. Just take the right step at the right time and save them all from the holocaust. You have to be the forsaken warrior in the cursed hostile lands of this world. When I was in your shoes, I thought of myself as naïve, but believe me, you can do it all. Just believe Adil, just believe…

Writer: Adil Ali Tariq


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