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SNS – Science-Nerd Society!

SNS – Science-Nerd Society!

The world knows NUST’s SNS as the “School of Natural Sciences”, there are some who would rather call it the Science-Nerd Society, and they do have their reasons for this!

SNS is located in a distant corner of the National University of Science and Technology. The “Old” and “New SNS” buildings, facilitated with state-of-the art laboratories, are the powerhouses that produce the finest scientists of NUST. With interesting science facts on some notice boards, and seminar schedules by renowned scientists on others, both these buildings ignite a love for science within their students.

The reason why it wouldn’t be wrong to call SNS the “Science-Nerd Society” is because its students can easily be recognized in a crowd since, guess what; they’ll be the ones talking about science. On the bus from the Concordias to Rumi Chowk, you can hear students talking about which mathematical formulas they used in their practical earlier that day; in the library, you can find them discussing the solutions to Physics problems; and in any social event at NUST, you can find them discussing their lab reports or projects due the next day.

Scientific debates and seminars are a regular feature at SNS. The SNS Physics Club is an example of a space where students – old and young alike – get together and share their views on a decided topic of Physics every week. What adds to the learning experience is that the faculty members of SNS are also regular participants of this club’s sessions, where they comment and critique on students’ presentations to help them improve their understanding of the topic of discussion. It’s safe to say that the teachers at SNS are just as eager to teach science, as the students are to learn about it.

To conclude, as a freshman, I was highly intrigued by the environment I found at the SNS – where people had a similar love for science as I did. SNS may be located away from most of the other departments of NUST, but the family-like environment, thirst for knowledge, and cooperative faculty made SNS feel like the Science-Nerd Society I had always wanted to be part of.


About The Author

Alizah Gul Memon

An inquisitively nerdy student, interested in Physics, poetry, and photography.