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Qasim Ali Shah visits NUST

Qasim Ali Shah visits NUST

On Monday, 15th October, the NUST Literary Circle brought the students of NUST an interactive session, with renowned motivational speaker Qasim Ali Shah. Shah has been serving in the educational sector for the last 16 years and is, in addition to a motivational speaker with over a 100 talks on YouTube and various appearances on other platforms, an author of 3 books, and a corporate/self-help trainer.

This highly anticipated event came just at the right time, as within a few weeks mid-terms will once again be upon the NUST student body.

Around 1 PM, students and even numerous faculty members started slowly pouring into Jinnah auditorium. The event formally started at 2pm, at which time the speaker entered the hall and was
greeted with a grand applause.

The topic under discussion, as mentioned in the lead up to the event on the NLC Facebook page, was “Looking Up to the Role Model Within Ourselves”. The talk itself included numerous anecdotes and practical life advice. Shah elaborated on many of the most common hurdles that we face today. The most noteworthy being the measuring of happiness in terms of work and educational achievements and the need to make your talent your profession, because:

If you love what you do, you will never get tired of it.

There was also a thoughtful discussion on self/inner happiness, how finding the happiness within you could lead to helping others. It was meaningfully stated that, Humans are their own medicine.

For attaining this happiness, Shah proposed three formulas: maintaining a positive attitude during interactions with the people around you, reducing reliance on material success and one which was most familiar to all: working hard.

Keeping in mind everything that had already been discussed; the highlight of the session was indeed the enthusiastic chants of “Yes I Can!

The enthusiasm of the crowd continued during the question and answer session, where Shah revealed that his own motivations came from the respect he’s received in his field and from the satisfaction he’s gained from his work.

He also added, “I was never comfortable with doing anything other than teaching”.

The event ended soon after, and the speaker was presented with a token of gratitude. The NLC organizers acknowledged the successful atmosphere of the interactive session: “It exceeded our expectations. The event turned out to be a real success and we are glad we started off the tenure on a high note. We aim to carry forward with the same spirit.”

And the motivational purpose of the event was also reflected in the comments made by the audience. PaperCrush spoke to Sajida Zia, a student of the School of Social Sciences and Humanities. She said that in light of her upcoming mid terms, “(The event) gave me motivation and relief from many tensions and stresses.” She also added that: “I specifically left my studies (for her upcoming mid-terms) just so I could attend the event”.

This healthy dose of motivation was exactly what everyone needed on a Monday afternoon”, NLC later stated on their Facebook page. A summation indeed, of everyone’s thoughts.


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