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Purpose of Life

Purpose of Life

It’s a story of a girl named Zeenat. Her nick name was Jeni. She was the youngest sister, so like every family, everyone loved her & took care of her. As a child, she was a very jolly & social girl, so she had a lot of friends.
Jeni’s father was himself a very educated & hard working person. He wanted her daughter to get high education & become successful in her life. He always used to give special attention to her. But unfortunately, this could not happen. It was not in her fate. We all know that “Fate is like a strange, unpopular restaurant filled with odd little waiters who bring you things you never asked for and don’t always like.”
Jeni was a slow learner. She worked hard to fulfill the wish of her father. Her elder siblings also used to help her in studies. Years passed, due to her consistent efforts & the concentration of her father & her elder siblings, she reached matriculation.
Everything was going smoothly. But 10th grade didn’t proved to be very good for Jeni. She performed very well in her final exams. But then it was revealed that a paper was leaked by some people, thus a retake of it will be conducted. The second paper was so tough that an average student could not pass it. Jeni failed in that paper. She was very sad on her failure. Her father said her not to lose hope but start preparing to pass next time.
Jeni tried her best to pass through matric. She made three tries but faced failure. After these failures, she lost hope & left studying. Now, she used to stay in her home & started learning household skills. Her parents & her siblings never said even a word about her failure but always supported her. They deviated her mind to other things.
Here comes the bitter reality of our society. People always make you feel inferior. Society made her remember her failure again & again. They used to laugh at her. Her family tried to keep her away from these people. But some hard words had a strong impact on her mind, her personality & her life. These harsh words lead her to depression & frustration. This mental pain became hard to bear for her. Her behavior changed. A jolly girl became a sad & cruel person. She started quarreling with her parents & siblings. She started thinking that now she has no purpose to live for.
At the age of 25, her parents died suddenly. This increased her depression. She begin complaining God that he has taken her parents. At that time, a boy came in her life. He made her feel as if he is the only purpose of Jeni’s life. He said her that he loves her the most & will always keep her happy.
He don’t even care that whether she was pretty or not. Jeni trusted him & she believed on everything he said.
That guy was a greedy person. He told her that everyone would love her if she has money & beauty. But when that guy realized that she was not a rich girl. He left her. She now started hating people who loved her the most. Although her sisters loved her too much. But she could not see their love. She was giving the punishment to those who didn’t deserve that. She just thought about herself. She now became a selfish girl who was always found complaining about everything.
Jeni thought that when she would have money only then she would be successful & happy. There came a proposal for Jeni of a guy named Hammad. Hammad was a nice person & he belonged to a rich family. Jeni thought that now she would be very happy & satisfied. She got married to Hammad. Jeni was still not satisfied. Hammad loved her very much. He always took great care of her. But with the passage of time, Hammad realized that there was some problem with Jeni. She never replied happily to him.
One day when she saw her friend driving a car. She thought having a car makes a person happy. She begin demanding that from Hammad. Hammad gave her a car. Even then she was not satisfied. Then she saw another person having a beautiful house. She thought when she would have a house like him she would be happy. Hammad made for her a beautiful house. But she was not happy. Her wishes were not ending. Hammad was worried about the situation of her wife. He was unable to find the problem of his wife. He used to talk to her to figure out Jeni’s problem. But she never told her about the situation of her mind. Instead, she used harsh words for her husband. Jeni was never satisfied by anything. Jeni sometimes was also worried about her feeling of dissatisfaction & restlessness. But she could not find the permanent solution. All these things were making it difficult for both of them to continue their journey of life together.
“Perhaps when we find ourselves wanting everything, it is because we are dangerously close to wanting nothing.”
After one year of her marriage, Jeni got into a car accident. She was in a very critical condition. This became a major incident of her life. Hammad took great care of her. Her sisters were also there to help her. All these things proved life changing for her. She then realized what real love & real satisfaction is. She never even talked to these people nicely but they were here to help her in
her difficult situation. The things after which she always ran could not do anything for her. She always used to complain Allah but He still gave her another chance to do good deeds.
In her illness, she realized that the things after which she was always running were not so much important. Education, money & marriage are just a part of our life. These things are not the life itself. She also realized that in order to satisfy herself she had ignored the people who cared for her. She was so sad that she was always selfish who just thought of herself & never thought about the feelings of others. When she realized all this, tears were falling from her eyes. When Hammad saw her crying, he quickly came to her & asked her what made her cry like this. Jeni told Hammad about everything that happened in her life, how she has reacted to all that & whatever she had in her mind, about those negative feelings & the sense of dissatisfaction. Hammad then realized the problem of his wife. She was really sorry about everything. Hammad suggested her not to worry about what happened in the past. Now she must move towards the right path. He told her that our soul is only satisfied when it is connected with God.
When her health got better, she started changing her behavior. She was sorry to her husband who loved her & always fulfilled her desires. She started caring & loving her family. She also came to her sisters. They were also very happy when they saw her happy. Hammad was also very happy after this big change & his wife being happy & satisfied. Jeni became happy & contented.
With the help of her husband, she started social work. Along with this she also started learning, the rules of life told by Allah. Allah has made her for a big purpose. Hammad was much thankful that Jeni has now started moving on the real path of success & glory, the path that leads us to Allah.
She had everything in her life but still she never thanked God for all this. Now, she aimed that in any situation she would always thank God & in difficult times she would be patient instead of complaining about failures. The cruel girl again turned to be more jolly & polite person. Hammad & Jeni then lived happily ever after. They had two sons & a daughter. These three kids were very intelligent & obedient. Jeni feels so much thankful to God for taking her out of those dark times.
This story has many moral lessons. But the main lesson is that we all are made for a much bigger purpose. Getting some material things cannot satisfy our souls. Our soul will only be satisfied
when it is connected with God. Also in our difficult situations, we should be patient & not complain. These difficulties are to make our personality more strong & beautiful.

Contributed By : Qurat-ul-Ain Fatima


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